On Walkabout

Shaun has been having a bit of a hard time on this “vacation” of his.   He’s been so busy working, that the concept of relaxing for more then a weekend has been alien to him.   So, I told him that he should just go on a Walkabout…only in his beloved Jeep. 

It took him a few days to wrap his brain around the idea of just taking off by himself.  Despite constantly asserting that he is a very asocial creature, Shaun needs people.  He loves to share and explore with someone…and boy does he love to talk!

Yesterday, he came bounding up the stairs to tell me goodbye.  I assumed he was going to the library, until he  told me that he thought he might head to the Grand Coulee Dam.  I had to work hard at not laughing out loud at him as he danced around singing “Freedom!” It had just occurred to him that he could do whatever he wanted.  So like the true nerd he is, he grabbed his camera and his laptop before heeding the call of the open road.  (He figured he could find non-essentials such as a toothbrush and clean underwear along the road, just as the true aborigines do)

Just about time I settled down to relax, Shaun called me.  He wanted to share the experience of the Open Road right along with me.  Sigh…we need to work on this concept of a Walkabout just a little bit more… 


Bit O Life

Mimi went to the Mariners Game last night and brought along my Baby.  Here’s some of the important things she tookblurry pictures of:


Mimi and her friend A


This is a beautiful sunset. (Just ignore those things in the middle of the picture)


Friends A and E


The stands


All three girls


There’s a game going on? Really? Huh.

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