Open House

Shortly after KT came home from school today, she mentioned the Open House at her school tonight.  She had just assumed that I was going to go.    I had planned on going…before I managed to forget all about it! (After all, I had gone to Mimi’s Open House last week, so that should count for something, shouldn’t it?)

I had to do a little mad wiggling to work everything out so that I was able to go, but I made it.  KT drew me a rather detailed map with little arrows pointing to each classroom and very specific written instructions so that I wouldn’t get lost (What a kid!) .

It was all the same general stuff they do year after year…only this time it was at the high school.  The teachers had high expectations and were very aware that they were grooming most of these kids for college.  Almost all of them praised our kids up and down, commenting that they were just really nice kids.  This is always good to hear, but it does make one wonder what the other classes have been like.  (either really nice too, or little horrors) Of course it does help that all of KT’s classes are Honors Classes and all of the kids in them wanted to be there. 

The one thing that shocked me about this particular Open House was how old most of the parents were.  Seriously, there was a lot of gray hair and wrinkles! (Not me of course).  These older parents stood out in sharp contrast to how young most of the teachers seemed to be.  

I can’t help but wonder if this means that I’m getting old….Nah!

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