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Shortly after KT came home from school today, she mentioned the Open House at her school tonight.  She had just assumed that I was going to go.    I had planned on going…before I managed to forget all about it! (After all, I had gone to Mimi’s Open House last week, so that should count for something, shouldn’t it?)

I had to do a little mad wiggling to work everything out so that I was able to go, but I made it.  KT drew me a rather detailed map with little arrows pointing to each classroom and very specific written instructions so that I wouldn’t get lost (What a kid!) .

It was all the same general stuff they do year after year…only this time it was at the high school.  The teachers had high expectations and were very aware that they were grooming most of these kids for college.  Almost all of them praised our kids up and down, commenting that they were just really nice kids.  This is always good to hear, but it does make one wonder what the other classes have been like.  (either really nice too, or little horrors) Of course it does help that all of KT’s classes are Honors Classes and all of the kids in them wanted to be there. 

The one thing that shocked me about this particular Open House was how old most of the parents were.  Seriously, there was a lot of gray hair and wrinkles! (Not me of course).  These older parents stood out in sharp contrast to how young most of the teachers seemed to be.  

I can’t help but wonder if this means that I’m getting old….Nah!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    I went to my freshman’s Open House this week. I didn’t notice the age of the parents, but did notice the two very cute and very young male teachers she has. That made me feel old!

  2. Jay says:

    When I was in high school we didn’t have an open house, but they did make parents take a half day out from work to come up and pick up progress reports on their kids each semester. My teachers were almost all old. Old, cynical and full of hate for their students. LOL

    We did have honors classes but they called it “talented and gifted” and your grades weren’t used to determine if you got in or not. Basically, if your parents could buy your way in or if you had “connections” with the school board or administration you were in. Oh, and a cheerleader. For some reason the cheerleaders were put in the “talented and gifted” classes.

    No I’m not bitter at all, why do you ask? 😉

  3. Mojokat says:

    You’re not old…not at all…ageless, in fact. I’m surprised they didn’t tell you it was for parents only, no students allowed!

    So, how did it feel to be a whipper-snapper?

  4. giveitatry says:

    The same thing happened with our daughter’s open house…she came home and said, “open house tonight.” Uh, OK, I guess. Short notice, but it worked out.

    I know what you mean about the older parents, unfortunately I think that I am one of the oldie moldies. 🙂

  5. mrs darling says:

    Yep everyones getting old but you and me. 🙂

    Peter had his open house too the other night but of course it was only first grade. There are still many more to come!

  6. photowannabe says:

    Nah….the teachers are just getting younger. Its shocking I know. Of course you were a child bride.

  7. Marla says:

    We’re timeless honey 🙂

    LOL… kids beg me not to go to open house.

  8. Jenster says:

    Pfft!! You’re not getting old. No way!! It’s all those other parents.

  9. Patsy says:

    Of course you are not getting old; you are not even middle aged! I should know, I was there when you were born!

    You like to go to the open houses so you can hear all the teachers brag up the kiddos!

  10. Betty says:

    Maybe a lot of grandparents are raising their childrens’ kids. That’s happening a lot these days, I’m told.

  11. I used to be embarrassed when I realized I was the youngest parent at open house, can you imagine? I should have enjoyed it, but instead I tried to make myself look older. Not only was I young, but stupid too. Youth definitely is wasted on the young? Now I’m often the oldest person wherever I go, and I don’t like that either. Young and stupid, or old and crabby? You can’t win.

  12. wolfbaby says:

    nope never old… no way

    they have gray hairs from the stress of teens not from actually being old…

    least that is what im going to say;)

  13. ah, susan…i like that description…”mad wiggling”…sigh.

    too much of that lately…must take weekend break with chocolate, bath & book!

  14. photowannabe says:

    Thanks for your kind remarks on my blog. I did take lots of pictures of all the fruit we picked but thought most people would be bored so I didn’t post them. We had peaches, peaches and more of the most delicious sweet things I have ever eaten. Pears and Asian apples, lots of really yummy plums, pounds of grapes and almonds. We are still picking the almonds. That and the pomogranets are all thats left of the fruit.
    It was really the most exciting gift to have when we moved into this “new” house.
    Thanks for asking.
    Do you get the feeling I’m happy with life?

  15. gawilli says:

    It is interesting to see all of the young teachers. I see it from the school side working where I do. Where I am they are quite refreshing. They bring many new ideas and concepts and put them into practice. It helps bring us along to where we want to be.

    I posted on age yesterday. I have noticed that people are choosing to parent at an older age than in previous years. I wonder what kind of effect that will have on the kids.

    I also agree with your thoughts that when children want to be in school it makes a world of difference. You are very fortunate as such is surely not always the case.

  16. PrEtTY iN tHE CiTY says:

    Map? Good Idea. My mom used to get lost in school. =)

    PS: you’re so not old.

  17. Pamela says:

    late parents… or maybe grandparents>>>

  18. Stephanie says:

    Old?? We’re not old. Just dye your hair pink. It covres the grey ones nicely :o) Ask me how I know!

  19. Susan says:

    Sorry, I’ve gotten really bad about responding to comments lately. That doesn’t mean I don’t read and treasure (and laugh about) each and every one. 🙂

    Cheryl~Are you…flirting with these young teachers??? lol

    Jay~I’m so glad that you’ve let that go after all these years.

    Kat~You’re not mocking me are you??? You’ll be not-old some day too!

    Giveitatry~Well…actually I knew about it, the high school even sent something in the mail about it. I just um..kinda..sorta…um…forgot.

    Mrs. D~You’ve got that right!


    Marla~Hmmmm…is there a reason for that? Something you haven’t told us about??

    Jen~That’s right, it’s all of THEM that are aging.

    Patsy~Oh yeah, you are still 29 so how can I possibly have passed you up? 🙂

    Betty~As far as I know, there was only one set of grandparents. Sadly, I know of several in the younger grades.

    W~So you feel a bit trapped in a time machine? lol I’m sure you’ll fit in fine when you get to the old folk’s home.

    Wolfy~What are you talking about? I have no grey hair!

    QdB~What a great perscription…I chose you as my doctor.

    Sue~I’m glad you got such a bountiful harvest. It just makes all the stress of the move just melt away doesn’t it?

    Gawilli~I have to say that those young teachers were so excited and just bursing with ideas to help teach the kids and make them excited with learning. It was quite a switch from the teachers that I had.

    Pretty~Do you forget that I can get lost almost anywhere? It’s a talent I tell you!

    Pamela~I think it was because KT has classes with senior in them and those kids were the last one to leave the nest. Late starts are getting rather common as well…

    Stephanie~LOL! That would also have the added benifit of humiliating my children!!! Although it doesn’t seem as though it bothers your Kirin…

  20. My youngest is 14, and I’m 47, so I might be considered old. I stopped dying my hair, and although I think it still looks black, some people might think it’s salt n’ pepper. Wrinkles? No way 🙂

  21. Glad to hear they’re doing so well 🙂

  22. Cazzie says:

    Nah, you aint old girl…. you is just BUSY!!!

  23. andrena says:

    thank you for stopping by. The sculpture is a favorite of mine also…

    and you are say’s so much on sooo many different levels.

    when I get into work, I will send you the background on it…

    much blessings!


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