Ten-Four Good Buddy

Last week, I got a call from Shaun asking me to guess where he was.  (Am I the only one in the world that can’t stand that game?)  After several half-hearted guesses such as Texas, the moon and the North Pole, my Beloved impatiently informed me that he was about an hour away getting a CB Radio installed.  Oh joy.

He had been talking about getting one for a while.  Shaun has been certain that someday he would be off-roading and would somehow manage to get himself into a tight spot requiring assistance.  He scoffed at my suggestion of simply using his cell phone as there often isn’t service in the far off places he liked to go to.   (And people with CBs hang out in these remote areas?)

While Shaun day dreamed and did research to find his perfect CB, I thought back to the days when my dad decided he needed a CB radio.  I can still remember the day he came home with a huge ugly black antenna jutting out from the middle of our gold Pinto’s roof.   As if that was bad enough, my teenage self nearly died with embarrassment when Dad started talking to truckers on the interstate using the “Trucker Jargon” he had memorized from the little booklet that came with his CB.  Yes, there is a good possiblity that I have been scared for life.

On Sunday afternoon, we went for a little family drive in the Jeep.  We were actually headed down to the Point Defiance Zoo when traffic all of a sudden came to a halt. Shaun beamed at the opportunity to find out what was going on with his new CB.  He searched for a certain channel and held the mike in his hand.  Despite the urgings of our children, (They are getting pretty imune to embarrassment) he was still not quite ready to actually talk to anyone yet.  So we listened to a lot  of chatter about the mess on the freeway with someone speculating that there was a fatality.  (Thankfully, there wasn’t)  Then we got to hear two RV-ers chat about where they would stay for the night.  Then, for a very special treat, someone, in his boredom started cleaning off his dashboard and telling about everything he found on it.  (Now that’s entertainment!)

It wasn’t until we got home later that evening that I was able to find out about the three accidents that had closed down the freeway for hours.  (Thankfully we missed most of that).   Shaun’s new Pride and Joy may not have been the wealth of information that he we thought it would be, but it certainly did keep us entertained. 

I just hope Shaun doesn’t manage to find the little booklet about trucker jargon booklet that I may have hidden from him accidentaly misplaced…


Bit O Life

It had gotten to late to go to the zoo, but a Logger Museum was still open.  Logs and Trains? Of course we had to go!

trainride Mr. conductor

train1 train2

Mr. Conductor (photo by Shaun) was quite the character. Nature is taking back the logging machinery.  It was pretty amazing to see all about the logging industry that drove the PNW.

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