That Fine Aroma

The other day I picked up a couple loafs of garlic bread on a whim.  They looked and smelled so heavenly that I just couldn’t resist.  Now these weren’t your typical french bread with butter and garlic smeared on them so you can throw them in the oven and eat with pasta loafs.  No, these were heavenly loaves with garlic cloves freshly baked into them. 

The girls and I ate one loaf with our broccoli soup one night, and the other with our mushroom soup the next night. We mostly gnawed on the bread and ignored the soap as the bread was THAT good. 

It never occurred to any of us that there could be any sort of a problem with eating that divine bread until Shaun came home from his Walkabout.  As he leaned in to hug us, he suddenly recoiled back in horror.  Apparently, we all reeked of garlic. 

We managed to do fairly well for the first day or so.  Shaun just kept his distance and made sure to place himself upwind from each of us.  Then we decided to get out of the house and go on a little adventure.  As we all piled into the Jeep we could see Shaun starting to get agitated and turn just the palest shade of green.  It was cold and rainy day so we really needed to keep the top up.  (He keeps the top down as much as he possibly can)  When we were all settled, Shaun pulled out of the driveway, then all of a sudden he returned to the  driveway and dashed back into the house. 

We waited patiently until he came back out explaining that he had needed to get something. Then my silly husband opened his mouth to reveal a clove of garlic that he was sucking on.  His thought was to neutralize our…stench…um…aroma.  It worked like a charm and we all happily drove along in our cloud of garlic vapor.

After a while we decided to stop at the grocery store to get some drink sand snacks for our adventure of the day.  We walked through the store together and watched with amusement as the other shoppers quickly moved away from us.   (As tempting as it was, we didn’t linger too long) After we had made our selections, we all headed up to the front to pay for our purchases. 

For no particular reason, the cashier started telling Shaun what a horrible cold she had and that it was driving her nuts that she couldn’t smell a thing. (He gets into the strangest conversations with people) Shaun let out an audible  sigh of relief as he started telling the her the whole story of how his entire family stunk so much that he had to stink himself up too.  He then went on to tell her  that it must have been fate that he came up to the one person who couldn’t smell him. 

The rest of our day was fairly uneventful.  Even if Shaun refused to take us out to anywhere that people were gathered.  He kept muttering something about it not being fair to the rest of civilization.   And the he even made us promise not to have anymore of that wonderful bread again.  Sigh…I really don’t see what the big deal was, I couldn’t smell anything. 

Next time I get some of that bread, I’ll just have to make sure that we share it with him…


wwclogo1 Hosted by the fabulous Tink.  This week’s words are color and change.  


Look at the beautiful color on these African Violets.  (although the photo really doesn’t  do them justice) They were given to me as a teacher gift a year and a half ago.  For a change they’ve managed to survive my brown thumb.  They just started blooming for no reason.  Maybe they just really thrive on garlic vapors…

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