It's All Shaun's Fault

This has been an interesting three weeks.  Having Shaun home all the time has been a bit of an adjustment.  I’m happy to say that I’ve once again learned to deal with him full time and most likely will not end up throttling him.  (If you happen to know Shaun in “real life” you will understand exactly what I mean.  I can’t even begin to tell you of all the people that have me pegged as the Susan, Patron Saint of Patience.)

We’ve actually been having fun spending time going off and doing things together while the girls are in school.   The other day, we decided that we were going to go for lunch (Yummy garlicky gyros!) and then go see a movie.  Knowing that the girls would come home to an empty house (something I try to avoid doing) I wrote them a note to let them know where we were and left orders for them not to call us. 

When the movie was over, I got out my cell phone to check on the girls.  I was astounded to see how many messages there were.  They started out with KT cheerfully telling me that the after school club she had planned to join wasn’t actually going to be held after school.  Then she went on to tell me that she was going to French Club.  (French Club? She’s a German-Irish girl taking Spanish!)

The next few messages were telling me that French Club was over and that my little girl was ready to be picked up.  I could hear her panic level rising with one of them being merely a wail of despair asking where I was.  The last message was a very reproachful “Mom, don’t worry, Miss Rebecca has graciously offered to take me home.”


Of course, KT tried to be angry at me for having forgotten her.  The only problem is that this has become one of those things that is just too funny to be tragic.  After I had apologized profusely, I told KT to make sure she thanked Miss R for me and to let her know that I would happily take her daughter home for her if she ever happened to forget about her.  KT just looked at me and snidely remarked that Miss R would never forget her daughter.  “That’s right”, I remembered ” Miss R only has one kid.  We don’t have to be quite as careful as we have an emergency backup child”.

Later that evening,  as I was heading out of Target, I got a phone call from KT.  She had gotten out of martial arts a few minutes early and was wondering if I had forgotten her yet again.   I was torn between feigning forgetfulness or explaining about the really slow checker. 

In the end, I blamed it on her father.  He was home and had flipped my entire routine topsy turvy by his mere presence.  It was all his fault. 

Yeah…nobody in this house was buying it either.  Sigh…

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