Being a Mom

When KT was tiny, she was taken care of by my parents…well mostly my dad…(the same one that swore that he wouldn’t be taking care of any brats when he first learned that we were expecting!).  After Mimi came along, Dad decided that he just couldn’t handle two of them and told us we needed to find someone else to care for our children.

I understood the reasoning, but I was still heartbroken.  The thought of someone else…some stranger…taking care of our children was appalling.  I just knew that nobody else could nurture our babies as well as family could.  It turned out that we did find a wonderful day care provider.  The girls were well cared for and were thriving. 

Still…little things bugged me.  We always said “owie” they learned to say “boo boo” in daycare.  I wanted to be called “mama”.  Daycare’s influence started them calling me “mommy”.   And mostly…I missed them.  My sweet angels were being raised by another woman. 

When we were able, I became a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom).  We were finally able to raise our girls the way we wanted them to be raised.  I was content being very active in the school, in the PTA and in Girl Scouts.  Still in the back of my mind, I always thought that I would go back and get a “real” job after the girls were old enough to be independent and no longer needed me.

Little did I know, kids don’t seem to stop needing a parent at home just because they can take care of themselves.  In fact, it seems as though they may need me even more, but in a different way.  The moment they come through the front door, they start talking.  My girls tell me all about their day.  They talk about school, friends, teachers, boys and most importantly, anything that may be troubling them. 

This job that I have…this very real job…isn’t exactly what I had planned on doing when I grew up.  But honestly, I think it is one of the best things I could ever do.  Somehow, (and we’re pretty sure it was some sort of fluke) we’ve managed to raise two beautiful, well adjusted young woman.

We only have a few more very short years  before the girls go off to college.  These are years to be treasured.  So, for as long as they need me to be home for them…I will be…


Bit O Life


Mimi’s Preschool graduation photo.  Wasn’t she adorable?

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