Being Mature

The other day, Shaun and I were headed home from somewhere when we had a bit of a disagreement about something really dumb.  Somehow, it got all blown out of proportion and I, in a very dramatic moment, (I think I learned that drama from Mimi) declared that I simply wasn’t going to talk to Shaun ever again.

Shaun’s reaction was to laugh at me and poke fun of my maturity level.  I merely ignored him.  Now if there is one thing that my beloved can’t stand, it’s to be ignored.  Usually he will grovel and try to get back into my good graces.  This time, however, he declared that if I wasn’t going to talk to him, then he wasn’t going to talk to me ever again either! (Speaking of maturity levels…)

We rode home in a very pointed silence.  (Well, if you don’t count the blaring radio. One of us just doesn’t deal with silence very well.) As we pulled into our driveway, Shaun started solidifying our plans.  “I’ll run in and check on the girls while you…AAHHHHHH! I FORGOT!!!”   

Our little spat instantly disappeared as we dissolved into laughter at Shaun’s inability to keep silent.  Being the more mature one, I tried not to be too smug at having won the battle of silence…


Bit O Life


Shaun posing with the fish KT made while working at the aquarium this weekend.  (We are a very mature family!)  

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