Dining on an Elephant

Shaun is and always has been my biggest fan.   It’s because of him that I even blog at all.   Now that I’ve planted the seed of writing some sort of book, he’s all for it.  He doesn’t just believe that I can do this…he knows that I can.  (How come we don’t know the same things?)

I can’t believe I’m even considering this.   It seems that some people think I could write 50,000 semi-coherent words in one month.  (Uh huh) The rules clearly state that quantity not quality is the goal in this effort.  Editing can come later. (much, much later…)

If you really think about it, it’s like that old joke asking how you eat an elephant.  The answer of course, is one bite at a time.  Let’s think about this logically (and please remember that logic isn’t my forte so this may not make any sense at all!) If you break it down…50,000 words really aren’t that many.  If  you consider that my average post is about 600 words.  (I didn’t realize I was that gabby until I looked at the handy-dandy little counter that WordPress so kindly provided for us).  So 50,000 words, divided by 600 words is 83.3 posts.  If you divide that by 30 days, it’s like writing 2.7 posts a day.  I can do that!  I usually only stop writing because I run out of room on the screen or I start boring myself. 

So, I can work with the numbers.  What I need, dear readers, is a topic, preferably with some sort of plot.  Shaun came up with the brilliant idea of having me write his memoirs for him.  (When I suggested simply doing my own, he just looked at me and yawned. Sigh…)  Shaun has led a very diverse and rather interesting life.  The only problem with doing his memoirs is nailing him down to tell them to me. 

Any ideas out there for my possible book? Lynne suggested a children’s book but that can be anything from a princess saving the day to eating an elephant.  

(I’m fine with being talked out of this crazy thought too.  Like Tink said yesterday, I may have to give up such basic things such as sleeping and eating.)


Bit O Life


One day, our cat Sissy decided that she wanted our big dog Shelly to be her best friend.  So she plopped down in between her front paws and started rolling around, purring at the top of her lungs.  Shelly growled fiercely at the crazy cat, but the cat refused to leave.  We decided that she thought Shelly just had a really loud purr.  All Sissy’s efforts worked and the two are pretty good pals. 

Oops…only 460 words.  I’m slacking!

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  1. Mojokat says:

    I have faith in you…totally do-able! =-) Of course you’ll share with us, your faithful readers/friends, right ;-P

    Subjects…hmmmm, seems like you have lots of antics from your family that you write about in here, maybe you’ll be hit with inspiration along those lines!

    Sorry, my thinker isn’t running well, yet…I know you’ll get lots of help with a subject though…

    Lots of luck and inspiration to you!

  2. Patsy Ann says:

    ok so now that we have decided that a book is in the making – question: count the words on a average page in a book and see how many pages you will be writing – that way you can decide if it will be to long for a childs book.
    Next, you must write about something you know about, as you have very little time for research.
    Then you have to decide what you like, it is easier to write about something you like.
    Ok, now give us the list of answers to these questions and then lets us try for topics for you. And of course you can write this book, I have been telling you that for years and years, every since you could read and write!

  3. Karina says:

    I say absolutely go for it! What’s the worst that can happen? You won’t finish it? Well, if you don’t start, you certainly won’t finish, right?

    You can totally do it. And I love reading your blog entries, so I have no doubt you can write something fun and interesting to read.

    As far as a topic…I’m still trying to figure out my own topic, so I’m afraid I won’t be much help in that department for now.

  4. Kell says:

    You can definitely do this! We’re all behind you, supporting you. How wonderful!

    I agree with Mojokat, your family is a great inspiration and your posts are so good on that subject. Or, what kinds of book do you like to read? You’d probably write that genre really well, too.

    Go for it!

  5. giveitatry says:

    Go for it! A subject – yikes, I’m no help.

  6. Carol says:

    I feel with you, my friend!

    Why is it that sitting down a few times a day to write blog entries is a breeze but the prospect of a NOVEL is completely paralyzing?!

    Hell, there are some blogs that already read like novels, just because lives (like YOURS!) are interesting!


  7. PrEtTY iN tHE CiTY says:

    Follow your dream. Can’t wait for your book. What about writing chick lit? I will buy it through amazon.com =)

  8. tommiea says:

    Why not try it ….writing a blog is just a mini novel almost! I am sure you can do it..

  9. Jay says:

    I say go for it too. The only thing I don’t like about the whole thing is they chose November. You’ll lose a couple of days at Thanksgiving cause you’ll be pretty busy.

    Unless you take everybody out to Shoney’s for Thanksgiving dinner. That’s what I would do. The kitchen stays clean that way. Just stop at the store and buy a couple of pies for dessert later that evening.

    Yeah, that’ll work. Problem solved. Go. For. It!

  10. Susan says:

    Kat~thanks for the vote of confidence!

    Mom~It’s 175 pages. Not a little kid book, but possibly young adult? Right now, all I seem to know is kids and critters. Right now, I like coffee. Lots of it.

    Karina~I’m Ok with stealing your idea! Actually… it would be interesting to do the same topic as others. You know they would be totally different!

    Kell~I read all sorts of genres. Currently I’m reading a crime novel. The last thing was chicklit and before that it was a young adult and probably romance before that. I seem to read a lot of shallow stuff!

    Beckie~No, you’re not! LOL But thanks for the encouragement!

    Hey Carol! I didn’t think you’ld be out bloghopping yet! I’m not sure that my life is all that interesting, I just tend to pick out the tidbits, that amuse me.

    Mel~Yeah! Maybe I’ll do chick-lit so I have one guaranteed buyer!


  11. Susan says:

    Jay…you snuck in there while I was talking to everyone else! Is Shoney’s like a Denny’s? Couldn’t I just open a can of potted turkey and a can of sweet potatoes? That way I wouldn’t have to leave the house! lol

  12. Frances says:

    When you look at it as 2.7 posts it seems doable.
    I wonder what the word count is on my average post?
    I’m also looking for a topic.
    I’m sorta interested about writing about someone who’s leading a double life.

  13. photowannabe says:

    Susan, you write in the Erma Bombeck style. Why not write about your family and the crazy antics and the whole growing up marathon happening in your family ala Erma?
    Love your blog and your way of describing things.

  14. Lynne says:

    Maybe you should write a children’s fantasy book taking inspiration from your painted walls in your house! Let’s see … mermaids, alligators … can’t remember what else you have!

  15. Hi, Susan! I have no topic ideas to add, but I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! (I’m glad you found me at NaBloPoMo!)…and I can’t wait to read more. 🙂

  16. thepearlady says:

    I think you can achieve that goal, just based on past entries! *smile* Although, part of me doesn’t want to talk you out of the ‘elephant idea’. First thing that comes to mind [thinking of elephants] is the saying ‘an elephant never forgets’. This thought leads me to a blog connection because writing our thoughts, etc. it a journal helps humans not to forget. I don’t know where the heck I’m going with this comment, but good luck finding more topics/inspirations. You’re off to a great start! 🙂

  17. Jocelyn says:

    I have a friend who started a novel last November for the big month and ended up quitting work and turning the novel-writing into her life’s work. She’s shopping the first three chapters around, trying to find an agent.

    What if you read your “slice of life” paragraphs, from all of your posts, from start to finish, and see if some thread or ideas weave themselves together?

  18. Keshi says:

    that cat n dog pic is sooooo CUTE!!


  19. Pamela says:

    Write Write Write Write Write Write Write Write Write.
    (get one of your blog friends to read it every morning so you have someone holding you accountable)

    Thats all the advise I am giving

  20. i am a believer that you can do this! your blog posts are witty & not short either…so like frances said, consider it 2+ posts in a day.

    i think the most daunting part of my past writing (the for hire, long stuff) was the shear magnitude & every single day, i just wrote! such a simple thing, but so overwhelming in the beginning.

    let your fingers fly!!!

  21. How about the REAL story of the LOTR, told from one of the Nazgul’s perspective?

  22. Marla says:

    Of course you can do it! Sorry I have no idea for the subject….I do like the memoir idea though.

  23. You put a great topic at the bottom of your post: a cat who decides to become best friends with a dog. You could really do a lot with it for a children’s book. We all need to accept each other regardless of our differences. We need to overcome stereotypes and stop doing things just because that’s the way they’ve always been done. Throw in some peer pressure and a climatic situation in which the dog and cat friends work together to save the day!!

  24. Tink says:

    I believe in you! If you’re going to do this, you’re going to have to believe in yourself too. It’s going to be hard, but SO worth it when you’re done.

    Now all you need is a plot…. Hm. How about:

    1. A tiger that’s reincarnated as a house cat. Then you can go into all the adventures the cat has because he thinks he’s big and bad.

    2. A fairy tale about a prince who’s trapped under a spell and needs to be rescued by a princess. That’s a modern day twist!

    3. A child who finds the tooth fairy’s dropped wand by his pillow and creates all kinds of havoc with it.

    4. A dog who’s master goes to college and the dog sets off on an adventure to find him/her.

  25. Amanda says:

    How about…. ….. ….. ….

    write about a little girl who is a snake charmer. There are some valuable lessons to be learned about charming snakes, I tell ya. 🙂

    Found you from my mom’s page. Pam at The Dust Will Wait. Good luck with the book. Amanda

  26. Newt says:

    How about a young adult adventure about a girl who works at an aquarium and begins to understand the animals and learns about all sorts of fantistic worlds, and adventures, and places that most people aren’t imaginative enough to believe in. But if you believe, or have an open mind you can see all those wonderful things.

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