Dining on an Elephant

Shaun is and always has been my biggest fan.   It’s because of him that I even blog at all.   Now that I’ve planted the seed of writing some sort of book, he’s all for it.  He doesn’t just believe that I can do this…he knows that I can.  (How come we don’t know the same things?)

I can’t believe I’m even considering this.   It seems that some people think I could write 50,000 semi-coherent words in one month.  (Uh huh) The rules clearly state that quantity not quality is the goal in this effort.  Editing can come later. (much, much later…)

If you really think about it, it’s like that old joke asking how you eat an elephant.  The answer of course, is one bite at a time.  Let’s think about this logically (and please remember that logic isn’t my forte so this may not make any sense at all!) If you break it down…50,000 words really aren’t that many.  If  you consider that my average post is about 600 words.  (I didn’t realize I was that gabby until I looked at the handy-dandy little counter that WordPress so kindly provided for us).  So 50,000 words, divided by 600 words is 83.3 posts.  If you divide that by 30 days, it’s like writing 2.7 posts a day.  I can do that!  I usually only stop writing because I run out of room on the screen or I start boring myself. 

So, I can work with the numbers.  What I need, dear readers, is a topic, preferably with some sort of plot.  Shaun came up with the brilliant idea of having me write his memoirs for him.  (When I suggested simply doing my own, he just looked at me and yawned. Sigh…)  Shaun has led a very diverse and rather interesting life.  The only problem with doing his memoirs is nailing him down to tell them to me. 

Any ideas out there for my possible book? Lynne suggested a children’s book but that can be anything from a princess saving the day to eating an elephant.  

(I’m fine with being talked out of this crazy thought too.  Like Tink said yesterday, I may have to give up such basic things such as sleeping and eating.)


Bit O Life


One day, our cat Sissy decided that she wanted our big dog Shelly to be her best friend.  So she plopped down in between her front paws and started rolling around, purring at the top of her lungs.  Shelly growled fiercely at the crazy cat, but the cat refused to leave.  We decided that she thought Shelly just had a really loud purr.  All Sissy’s efforts worked and the two are pretty good pals. 

Oops…only 460 words.  I’m slacking!

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