How We Met

For this week’s Fun Monday,  Janet wants to know that story of how we met our sweeties.  She actually wants the “cute meet” story.  Now, I’m not exactly sure what that means (I’m so behind on all the cool slang nowadays!)  I’ll just tell it like it was…more or less…  (I tried to get Mimi to tell me her version of our story…the one that starts off with the beeeyooooutiful lady, but she didn’t have time this morning.  In fact she just looked at me like I was nuts for not being able to remember how I met her father.  Sigh…)  Anyways, onto the story…

Whenever anyone asks how we met, I usually just reply with the flippant answer that it was in a bar.  I wouldn’t be ashamed to say that I met the Love of My Life in one of the pulsating  night clubs that I used to hang out in.  But, alas, I didn’t.   In fact, Shaun never really got into the night scene, and it has always made me just the teensiest bit sad that he didn’t like to dance.  (Lucky for him, it wasn’t a deal breaker as there were so many other wonderful things about him)

The reality is much less exotic.  One of my best friends used to work in a waterfront restaurant in the very touristy Seaport Village in San Diego.  She didn’t have a car and would frequently get me to come pick her up.  (Lucky for her, she was a lot of fun to hang out with and very generous with her gas money!)  She wouldn’t always be ready to go when I arrived so I would go and have a pop upstairs at the bar and chat with the cute red-headed bartender. 

Of course, the cute red-headed bartender thought I was hanging out there to hit on him…but that’s another story all together!

Hmmm….this has got to be the most boring story I’ve ever written.  Did I mention that I’m not feeling very well? I think I have Temecula and it is affecting my writing skills. 


Yep, it’s a picture of a picture (I know it’s lame, but I just told you I have Temecula!)  But this is us twenty years ago!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    awww … aren’t you two a cute couple!

    I have to admit I don’t know what Temecula is. ? Sounds like something you get from drinking too much tequila. Sorry, last night I was drinking Margaritas in Margaritaville, so I might have tequila on the brain.:P

  2. Karina says:

    So, he was the cute redheaded bartender then? And yeah, what is Temecula??

  3. tommiea says:

    How cute! Isn’t it amazing how fast the years go by!

  4. Hilary says:

    Count Temecula. He prefers tequila over blood.

  5. Sandy says:

    So sorry about the Temecula. Could be worse – you could have the Santee! Great post and cute story. Any chance your kiddos have red hair?

  6. Karmyn R says:

    You are a cute couple!!!

    Funny that he thought you were there to hit on him…well, it worked.

  7. I’m assuming the cute bartender turned into Mr Right? And, would in fact be Mimi’s Dad?

  8. Tink says:

    Aw. I didn’t think that story was boring at all!

  9. giveitatry says:

    That is a VERY cute picture!

  10. her indoors says:

    love the photo, and now i need to google temecula!

  11. nikki says:

    Yeah dude, what the heck is temecula? Great picture and story.

    (Hopefully you never told him the truth. Let the hubby believe you were at the bar just to hit on him.)

  12. Kari says:

    I love reading about couples who lasted 20 years. It gives my hope!!

  13. Carol says:

    Well dang, have we ALWAYS been neighbors?! We lived in San Diego (actually Oceanside) from 88 to 93.

    Adorable photo! What a happy couple!


  14. that is cute~~~~
    not boring at all…but you are suffering from temecula? does it have anything to do with wine??

  15. Christine says:

    It’s been years, but I’ve been to Seaport Village. That’s where the pearl divers are.
    You two look so cute together.

  16. Lisa's Chaos says:

    That’s a great story! Even if you have whatever that thing is that I can’t pronounce. 20 years is a great milestone. 🙂

  17. Kell says:

    Awwwww. That’s so sweet.

    My hubby doesn’t dance, but he doesn’t have to. He just stands there and I dance around him. It always makes him smile.

  18. Tiggerlane says:

    Incredibly cute! My hubby doesn’t dance, either, and it wasn’t a dealbreaker – even though I am a dancing fool!

  19. Kari says:

    It was very romantic…it’s its own little way. lol Just kidding – it was sweet. I always like hearing about how couples met. It’s kind of funny when you think of how serendipitous some meetings are. I met my husband through family. His brother is married to my sister. Makes for some tense…er, I mean, HAPPY family get togethers sometimes. lol

  20. That’s a really lovely photo…

  21. lynne says:

    oops! I just now realized my post (the first one up there) showed up as anonymous. Guess it didn’t recognize me posting from Rick’s lap top from Las Vegas!

    hehe…sorry bout that!

  22. Katie (kitten) says:

    Not lame, very sweet.

  23. camilla says:

    “Meet cute”… it’s a phrase used in the Cam Diaz/Jude Law flick “the holiday”… one of the characters was portraying a script writer, describing how to set up two characters to fall in love. The two of you are better than a film version… and I watch waaay too many movies. Cami

  24. mrs darling says:

    Hey that was a great story! How cute you look!

  25. J says:

    Don’t we all miss the 80s? :o) Cute pic!

    I just wanted to let you know that I’m hosting a free giveaway at my site this week! Please feel free to come by and enter for some more great American made products!!

    Thank you!

  26. Pamela says:

    I’m getting temecula by fretting over what temecula is? (a town in california?)

    You two look like a poster for The Love Boat… or something similar.

  27. Willowtree says:

    Real men don’t dance.

  28. mjd says:

    I looked up Temecula, but hopefully you will recover.

    I am guessing Willowtree does not dance either. Cute and smart might make up for not dancing.

  29. Nora says:

    yay! Let’s hear it for redheads! Woo-hoo!

  30. Sirdar says:

    Oh ya…just going up to have a pop eh? I think his side of the story should be told. They say there are three sides to every story. Your side, his side, and what really happened. Sounds to me like you just might have been doing some hitting 😆

  31. chrisb says:

    I wanted more of your story but you look like a happy couple from the photo!

  32. That’s a great story, and a great picture! I have red hair too (I’m half Irish and half German). My hubby has brown hair but was blond until high school. Somehow our little girl is a blondie (so far), but her eyelashes are a dark auburn. It will be interesting to see what color her hair turns when she’s a bit older!

    I’ll tell you a secret…shhhh…my husband totally picked me up in a bar almost 11 yrs ago! Oh, those were the days. 😉

  33. Aunt Mary says:

    OH MY GOD Shaun looks just like his father when I last saw him ,only differ in hair color,Andrew was not a redhead but our father was.
    Kiss the girls for me XXXOOO

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