I Proclaim it Officially Cold Out!

If it were up to me, the weather would stay somewhere in between fifty five and seventy eight degrees.  Preferably remaining at my preferred temperature of sixty eight degrees.  (I know, I know…all of you sun worshipers think that’s insanely cold, but this is my perfect weather.  Now you know why I refuse to move to NM) I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a very small window of comfort.  And if I’m not in that comfort zone…I will whine.  (Just ask Shaun, he’ll happily tell you all about it!)

This morning, to me, is the official start of fall.  Yes,  realize that the air has been nippy and the trees have already changed colors.  (Most of the leaves  have been blown off, but we can still see them!)  The one thing that is different this morning…is frost. 

Yep, it’s true.  I took Mimi to her bus stop about an hour ago. (My feet still haven’t quite defrosted yet!) Nearly all the lawns were covered in a lovely white frostiness.  And I couldn’t see through my windshield until it defrosted.  (You didn’t think I walked though those frigid conditions, did you?) My only cosoulation is that the sun has now come out and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a beautiful northwest day.

Until then, I’ll sit with my steaming cup of coffee and my warm cuddly cat and just wait it out…


Bit O Life


KT marking her jump rope with pretty purple tape so the guys at martial arts will quit running off with it. 

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