I'm NOT A Picky Eater!

Yesterday, Shaun came home and told me that our family had been invited to dinner with another couple.  Then he went on to tell me that his response was that it would be fun but before we accepted he wanted to let them know that we have a few dietary restrictions in our family.  Then he reminded his friend that his oldest daughter was a vegan…and that his wife and youngest child were very picky eaters

I just looked at Shaun like he was nuts and calmly asked him exactly what he meant by stating that Mimi and I were picky eaters.  (I was more than a little outraged at his preposterous claims.)  I indignantly proclaimed that we were more adventurous than most at trying new things and that he’d better fix this.   

Instead of seeing the error of his ways, Shaun decided that it was better to convince me that I was a picky eater.  He reminded me of the time we were dining with friends and that I couldn’t eat one of the dishes. 

Me: I couldn’t eat that, it was gross! AND she told me the name of the dish was “fungus”                                                                                                         

Him: That’s only because she had to translate it in her head.

Me:  At least I didn’t spit it out like I wanted to.  You should be proud of me.  What else do you think I’m picky about?

Him: Would you eat chicken feet?

Me: No!

Him: Would you eat pig ears?

Me: Blech!

Him: Would you eat the inside lining of a cow’s stomach?

Me: No, tripe is disgusting.

Him: Would you eat fugu?

Me: Probably not….what is it?

Him: It’s puffer fish.  It has to be prepared very carefully to get all the poison out so you don’t die as soon as you eat it. 

Me: NOBODY eats stuff like this!  How could say I’m picky just because I don’t want yucky things?

Him: Fugu is a very expensive delicacy in Japan and all those other things are very common in Asian dishes.

Me: I’m not Asian, you aren’t Asian and neither is your friend.

Somehow, living on the Pacific Rim has given Shaun a taste for Asian food.   While I enjoy sushi and Cashew Chicken, I tend to pass on the authentic stuff.  Not Shaun.  He really does crave all sorts of things deemed gross in our culture. 

I’m okay with him eating that stuff…as long as he doesn’t tell others I’m overly picky just because I won’t eat it.  He’s got some explainin’ to do…


Bit O Life


This is a picture that Shaun just sent me.  Mimi was about four years old and was attempting the feed the cows some grass.  For some reason they ignored her.  Hmmmm…must be picky eaters.

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