Logos and Such~Fun Monday

It’s time for Fun Monday again! This week, Willow Tree wants to see “clothing art”.  Anything our family has with “interesting, funny or artistic graphics”  Hmmm….our clothes are kinda on the boring side…

My first thought was to take a picture of each of KT’s fish shirts.  She is proud to own enough nautically themed shirts to wear a different one each day of the week.  But the thought of unfolding and refolding all that laundry just didn’t thrill me.  So here is her aquariu

m shirt logo.  as1   

While hunting for her Leonard shirt, I came across what I consider to be one of the ugliest shirts in the world. 

as2All the kids in student council got one.  Ick!  (The furball at the top left if our cat Lucy…she insisted on helping)

as3And then there’s her martial arts uniform wrapped up so neatly.  I thought I would snap this rare neatness…

On to Mimi’s room…

as4 as6

She likes big oversized sweatshirts of places she has been. 

She also seems to have a collection of sports shirts and sweatshirts

ai5 as7 as9 aa1

Then, of course, there always seems to be a zillion of these around

as8 aa2

aa3 aa5

One of Shaun’s sweatshirts always gets a great reaction from folks.  I have no idea  why…


Technical Question: Does anyone know why my pictures look so awful when I upload them using Live Writer? I just tried loading the tarantuala shirt directly from WP and it’s SO much clearer.  I haven’t done anything different to the pictures.  I love the ease of uploading from LW but the quality has been driving me nuts.  Any ideas? Anyone???


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