Security Blankets

For this week’s Fun Monday, Candid Karina says “Show me your security blankets!” She wants to know about the stuff we feel the need to haul around with us all the time, and would be lost without. 

I seem to have a couple layers of things  that I haul around with me.  My first layer, that I always, always have  with me consists of my phone, keys, debit card and…Costco card.


Why I carry my Costco card around, I have no idea.  (You’d think I’d carry around my driver’s license or something a little more important.)  All of this fits in my jean pocket or in my purse or jacket pocket.  Well…except for my keys…they are a bit on the bulky side.  I keep thinking I should prune them, but what would I do without? I’ll use all of those keys sometime.  I need my library cards and such.  The ugly red key fob from the dealer (a thousand years ago)  is perfect for me to hold in my teeth when I need an extra hand…

Usually, I bring the Baby along with me too, but it’s feeling poorly, so I haul the Beast around when I get the urge.


And then, there is my  Most Fabulous Cat Bag. 

 aaaphone3 I adore my Cat Bag and haven’t quite figured out why my children are so embarrassed by it.  What’s not to love? It is bright and vibrant.  It has trim that glitters. It has cats. It’s BIG.  Oh, and it’s a designer…Laurel Burch.  Her name is signed inside in gold glitter!  (I have to admit that I didn’t know who that was, but now I do!) I just don’t get it…

I keep all sorts of things inside my bag. This is an inside peek of it this morning.


Let’s see, I can spot some colored pens, my journal, a first aid kit, s pencil pouch, a CD, my brush…I’m sure there’s a book and a magazine or two in there.  It seems I’m always waiting for the kids so I have to have something to entertain myself. 

Most days, I will only take my bare essentials.  Then there are others that I feel the need to bring everything.  Take Saturday’s soccer game for instance.  I brought the essentials …tucked inside my purse, (or “pockee” as we call it for unknown reasons), my Cat Bag, the Beast, another bag containing the embroidery that I’m pretending to do, my jacket, my folding chair and of course my coffee. 

Shaun just looked at me and shook his head.  He knows better than to try and persuade me that I don’t need even a tiny fraction of that stuff to watch our baby win her game. (Even though it was true)  I guess this is a bit like a security blanket.  Sometimes, I just need my stuff…

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