Speaking of Pig's Ears

Nearly every time we talk about pig’s ears as an entree, Shaun likes to pull out his favorite story.  (OK, so it’s my favorite story) It’s actually a story from the wedding of one of his former co-workers. 

The co-worker (who I’ll just call Joe)  got married in beautiful Vietnamese wedding traditional to the bride’s (Let’s call her Lisa)  homeland.  After the  ceremony everyone sat down to a huge feast.  The main dish was a roast pig. 

After everyone had eaten and toasts were given, the bride’s grandmother went up to the pig’s head and tore off the ear and gently placed in a small bowl.   Then she very solemnly placed the bowl in front  of her granddaughter.  Lisa very carefully picked up the dish with both hands and placed it in front of her new husband. 

Joe looked around frantically for a clue as to what he should do with this obviously special pig’s ear.  Seeing his dilemma, Lisa whispered that he should eat it.  So, with all the love he had for his new bride, Joe mustered up the inner strength to eat that ear. 

Later on, when things had settled down, Lisa asked her groom what he had thought about a Vietnamese wedding.  He replied that it was wonderful.  Then he went on to say that he had really wished that she had warned him about the special ceremony.  When she looked at him in bafflement, he reminded her about the handing down of the pig’s ear and how he was supposed to eat it.

Lisa just burst into bouts of laughter.  “That wasn’t a special ritual”, she said, “I just don’t like to eat pig’s ears!”

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