We Got The Power!

When we first moved into our house nine years ago, we quickly learned that living in a heavily wooded area is quite unlike living in city.  Our home is located on the very edges of the ‘burbs.  We aren’t exactly in the sticks, but pretty close to them.  What we really are in is the trees.  Huge, towering trees.  Most of the time I love all of our beautiful trees with a passion.  The one time of year that I’m not so crazy about them is in the middle of a storm.  For some reason, these big old trees don’t like being blown about and will simply topple over.  Sometimes they will fall into the street, someone’s house or car, and most frequently on one of the many power lines running through our neighborhoods. 

As a result, we’ve become quite accustomed to power outages.  They usually only last for a few hours sometimes going into a day or two. Or like last winter, leaving us with no power for a very long, cold week.  After last December’s devastating storm, we started talking more seriously about getting a generator. 

Of course it was still just talk as we couldn’t quite decide what we wanted.  (who knew there were so many options out there?) We were torn between hardwiring a system in that would automatically start up when the power went out, or a smaller one that utilized detention cords. 

A couple days ago we started hearing weather predictions of a big wind storm headed our way.   We just looked at each other, shrugged and stuck our heads back in the sand.   We could rough it again if we had to…

This afternoon the wind started blowing in gusts up to 60 mph.  As lights started to flicker, I cranked up the heat to give us a head start on staying warm and wondered why on earth we hadn’t managed to make a decision yet.  All I could do at that point was shrug it off and go about our regular activities.

After martial arts (Yep, I have dedicated kids!) we stopped in Costco to pick up a few things. On a whim I peeked in the aisle where they sometimes keep generators.  There were three of them sitting on carts waiting to be purchased.  Of course I had to check them out.  As I read the side of the box, a breathless couple grabbed one of the other carts and  said they would take it, no matter how much they cost.   They had just come from Home Depot where all the generators were already sold out.    As they wheeled off their prize someone else claimed the other generator.   Both couples only lived a couple miles from us and had already lost power.  Mimi decided to take matters into her own hands and staked her claim by sitting on top of the last box as I frantically tried to get in contact with of Shaun.  (I have no problem making my own decisions, but we had been discussing this for years and it was only fair to include Shaun in this one)

Of course we decided to get it  and simply wheeled it around with us as we collected things like dog food and milk.  I thought Mimi was being silly for not wanting to leave the generator for even a minute.  She was worried that someone else would snag it.  From the envious looks and comments we were getting, she just may have been right to worry.  

We never lost power tonight and the windstorm has died down.  We almost can’t wait for the next one.  When the electricity  goes out, we are ready.  ‘Cause we got the Power!

Edit to add: At exactly 5:30 this morning, we got an automated call letting us know that the junior high school was closed because of  no power.  I wonder if they want to borrow our new generator…


Bit O Life


One of many trees knocking power lines down to the road in last year’s storm.  And this is just a little tree!

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  1. Cazzie says:

    WOw, and that was a little tree!!! I’d hate to see a big one.

  2. Carol says:

    I was sure we were gonna lose it — power, that is! (Video on my blog.) Glad you nabbed that last generator! Ours has been sitting under a tarmp in the rain for a year. Guess we should fire it up to test it, eh?


  3. tommiea says:

    wow! Yeah for Mimi, I bet she was all grins when you finally got back in touch with him.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I was really worried that we were going to lose it last night as well. I’m very envious of your generator though! We *usually* get power restored pretty quickly since we are a few blocks away from the Fire Station but in last years storm we were the only ones without it….for 9 days. We have seriously talked about getting a generator as well. I don’t ever want to have to deal with that again!!! Or…maybe we’ll just have to head to your house 🙂

  5. Jay says:

    You guys definitely need a generator out there! It would help if they would move the utilities and power lines underground though. I bet that would cost a fortune and everybody would be assessed a pretty big chunk though.

  6. Mojokat says:

    Congrats on snagging that last Generator! It was obviously meant for you! Good to know you’ll be good to go when the power goes out next time! Of course, you do know that now that you are prepared, it will only go out in the middle of the night when you wont notice much and mess up your alarm clocks, right! 😉 Wait, maybe that is only my luck…which is why I now use my cell phone as my alarm clock…lol!

  7. I was without power for nine days during our ice storm in 2001. I’m so far out in the sticks that I have my own well so when I don’t have power, I also don’t have water. Great picture of the storm damage.

  8. I’m relieved for you that you didn’t lose power, and think your daughter is really cool to have sat on that generator. Like you guys, we’ve been talking about one for years. Then the sun comes out and dries up all conversation about actually buying one.

  9. Marla says:

    Sounds like you are prepared for the next go ’round 🙂

  10. Karina says:

    She’s a smart one that Mimi! She saw what a hot commodity those generators were.

  11. Susan says:

    Caz~yep, those aren’t so fun!

    Carol~Dare I say that our brand new generator is still sitting in the MomMobile? We didn’t need it last night and it just seemed to dark to mess with it…

    Tommiea~She was!

    Stephanie~Come on over!!! We’ll just have a big ol’ party. (I bet our nerds will get along well too!)

    Jay~I don’t know why they havn’t done that…maybe it has something to do with all the tree roots??

    Kat~I’m happy if we just view it as a nice anti-power outage plan.

    Songbird~no water either? Wow, and we thought just no power was bad.

    Wendy~Like Shaun says, we have short memories. Who needs a generator when you have power???

    Marla~yeah, we’re ready…just as soon as we haul it out of the car, read the directions and get it set up! At least Shaun stopped for gas for it on his way home.

    Karina~She wasn’t taking any chances!

  12. Lynn says:

    We didn’t lose power either, except for about 30 seconds. We plan to go generator shopping next weekend!

    Ironically, our neighborhood DOES have underground utilities- but of course, our power lines are connected to neighborhoods that don’t, so when trees fall elsewhere, our underground lines do us no good.

  13. Cheryl says:

    I never understand why our power goes out on our cul de sac, and not around the corner. It makes me so jealous. You’re just going to love your generator. I still haven’t gotten around to getting one. I only think about it when the power goes out. Like everyone else!

  14. Patsy Ann says:

    Well you finally did it! and I was going to ask if you bought gas, that is until I seen that Shaun had done that. Ok now how about that new kitchen stove? Glad you are prepared for the next power outage.

  15. Kiraa says:

    During the winter (or “the later months” because really? It’s still hot outside) here they BUTCHER the trees. They cut off all the limbs and make them look hideous. I never really understood the purpose of this and looking at your beautiful wild trees makes me think that maybe I’d like to brave the cold someday.

  16. mjd says:

    Fascinating picture, I wish we had the power. We live by a stream (drainage ditch). When the water in the ditch rises, we have water in our basement. Usually the water is only seepage. However, last fall, the water in our basement rose to about 4″. The vast amount of water burned out the sump pump. My husband bought a submersible pump, and we vowed to buy a generator. A year later, we are without extra power. You and Mimi did the right thing!!!

  17. mrs darling says:

    Yep we got that wind too but the power never went out. It looks like you may have got hit harder than we did.

  18. photowannabe says:

    Good for you. Now get it in where it belongs. When its dark its no time to read the directions….

  19. Pamela says:

    we have a small generator to keep the pond running in case of power outage. Forget about us on the inside of the house . ha.

  20. Peggy says:

    Oooh! I have generator envy!

    We live out in the country too and also are blown back into the last century with trees going over the powerlines. We look at them all the time and at the moment we’re still sitting on the fence about a generator.

  21. sognatrice says:

    Excellent move. I wish I could get something that would back up our phone/internet lines in power outages….

  22. annulla says:

    Glad you snagged that generator. Mimi sounds like one smart cookie!

  23. Jocelyn says:

    I’m trying to think of other things Mimi would protect with her body…really good chocolate? A cool bike? High School Musical II on DVD?

  24. PrEtTY iN tHE CiTY says:

    wow, mimi is clever and awesome. I hope he situation are ok now…

  25. gawilli says:

    We have been thinking along those same lines having been without power twice for extended periods this summer. We limped along, but the cost of a generator probably would have equaled the loss of groceries in the fridge and freezer. Sometimes our electricity goes out even when the trees stand firm. I’ll be interested to know how you like the generator.

  26. Keshi says:

    I must be lucky that I havent had a power-outage in a while 🙂


  27. Terra says:

    I want a power outage that cancels school!!! Just kidding, awesome post! I would love to have a generator, but since I have a back up wood burning stove, and a back up coal stove, I bet my sweetheart would tell me no.

  28. Pavel says:

    Holy cow!!! That’s a little tree?
    I feel for you. You’re prepared, though. Nothing like a generator to feel the envy of your neighbors! (smile)

  29. giveitatry says:

    Now I am wondering what happened for the rest of the weekend since this was posted on the 19th. Are you guys ok?

  30. Susan says:

    Hey Lynn!~ We figure it’s not going to go out at all now that we have the generator!

    Cheryl~JUST your cul du sac? How odd…

    Mudder~Yep, that’s next

    Kiraa~That’s so sad… It’s does’t get too cold here…just a little bit.

    mjd~It just seems to silly to buy one when you actually have power!

    Mrs. D~It really wasn’t as bad as they were predicting. If we lived closer to the school we would’ve been using our new toy though

    Sue~I had to double check that you weren’t really my mom…you sound just like her!

    Pamela~At least you know your priorities!

    Peggy~We probably still wouldn’t have climbed off the fence it it wasn’t for last year’s huge disaster…

    Songatrice~Now THAT would be nice!

    Annulla~She just doesn’t like dealing with the elements!

    Jocelyn~all of the above!

    Pretty~she is, isn’t she?

    Gawilli~We’re hoping to never actually use it…

    Keshi~it just comes from living so close to the sticks…


    Beckie~We’re fine, thanks! Weekends just seem to be so busy that I rarely sit down and blog. That’s going to be my big challenge for NaBloWriMo!

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