All Washed Up

Because Pavel wants to know…

This weekend I was washing my 497th load of laundry.  I had transferred all of the jeans over to the dryer and started it when I started to hear a loud CLUNK CLUNK sound.  Puzzled I stared at the dryer for a moment, willing it to stop on it’s own.  I finally gave up and went to investigate. 

I thought perhaps a spare shoe or something had snuck it’s way into the wash.  When no shoes could be located, I started feeling around a little more carefully.  I finally found something hard and pulled the offending pair of jeans from the dryer.  With a sinking heart, I realized that they were my jeans and the loud clunking sound was my wonderful pink cell phone being bounced around on the sides of the dryer. 

I quickly took the phone apart as I whispered apologies to it and willed it to have survived the trauma.  I carefully set the  pieces on a soft towel located in a warm spot so that the phone could to dry out on it’s own.  In the morning, I carefully put everything back together again and held my breath as I tried to call out.  It worked! My caring ministrations had healed my poor phone!

A few hours later, I need to make a call.  I whipped out my phone and found, to my dismay, that the screen was black.  I could still call out, but I couldn’t see anything at all.  (How prehistoric!) Obviously, my phone had a bit of a setback, but I could live with that.  The next time I went to use it, it had once again healed itself! Yay, all was good in the world!

Of course, my pouting phone wasn’t about to remain in good working order.  (I honestly don’t blame it for having a bit of a temper tantrum.  I would probably do the same thing if the roles were reversed) My phone would now allow me to see the screen and call out.  The only problem was that it refused to carry sound.  Every time I thought it was better, something else would go wrong.  Sigh..

This afternoon we went to the AT&T store to see about getting me a new one.  The salesman informed us that we weren’t eligible for any discounts as my phone was only four months old.  The cheapest least expensive one they carried was waaaayyy more than I was willing to spend when I had a somewhat perfectly good phone.  

The entire time this was going on, Shaun was shaking his head (and silently laughing) at me.  He knew the phone was dead even though I didn’t believe it.  Yet, being the the wise man that he is, he’s learned that some lessons have to be figured out on one’s own. 

The thing is, my phone gives me hope.  While it’s true that it no longer works quite the way that it is supposed to, sometimes it does!  Maybe, just maybe when my phone is done being mad, it will just work for me.  You just never know…

Today I am thankful for… the fact that my phone works as well as it does.  And I will be really, really thankful if someone on Freecycle takes pity on me and gives me a hand-me-down phone because they upgraded.

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