Driving Adventures

This afternoon as we were getting ready to go to martial arts, Mimi said something about it raining out.  I just looked at her like she was nuts because I knew it wasn’t raining.  She told me to look outside. To humor her, I did…and sure enough, it was pouring outside. I have no idea how I was so unaware of all that rain coming down from the sky.  (Although it is quite possible that all those Christmas carols blaring out could have masked the sound of it)

Feeling a bit a apprehension, I climbed into the passenger seat so that KT could drive.  (She is, after all, eligible for her license in fifteen days…not that anyone is counting or anything.) I urged my girl to go slow as there was standing water all over the roads. (And that says a lot in this hilly area) A few minutes into the drive, I started to notice that those big fat raindrops were getting to be a bit slushy. 

I couldn’t decide if I should mention that to her or not.  I was thinking of the first time I had seen slush falling on my windshield.  It was all I could do to keep my eyes on the road as I was so fascinated with what I thought were snowflakes.  KT shook her head at me when I told her this.  She, unlike me, had grown up watching the slush falling on the glass. 

The slush was easy enough to deal with as it just quickly melted away.  I kept reminding myself that this was good experience for when KT actually did get her license.  (Not that I’m really going to allow her to drive in that kind of weather or anything!)  When the first snowflakes began to fall, I began to panic.  When it started to stick to the road, I was a bundle of nerves.  The only thing that made KT nervous was the sight of her mother, cringing and cowering in the passenger seat. 

Somehow, we managed to make it downtown with only one small mishap.  KT slid a little tiny bit coming up to a stop sign.  (Yes, I know it’s good for her to experience a safe little skid, but it wasn’t so good for me)

When it was time to go home, Mimi pointed out the car across from us that was covered in snow.  I knew it had to belong to the woman that was shouting out to the entire office supply store that it was  “coming down hard, right up the hill!” I was pretty sure that it was the hill that we usually went home on. 

As I started to climb into my usual passenger seat, Mimi pleaded with me to be the one to drive us home.  She didn’t think her sister could handle a road that looked like that car.  Despite the fact that I knew the right thing to do was to let my teen get her practice in, I had to really fight to be strong and not grab those keys.  

KT slowly drove up the hill.  It was just wet at first.  Then we started seeing the snow.  Lots of snow.  (Just remember that “lots” can be a relative term)  I’m quite proud to announce that we made it home without incident.  KT in her calm and cool way, did a wonderful job navigating in her first snow.

Of course, it did take Mimi and I quite a while to pry our fingernails out of the car seats…

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