Fun with Dad…

I am currently at the lovely Fort Worden for my semi-annual scrapbook retreat.  (Not that I actually seem to scrapbook very much anymore, but I have fun anyways). Shaun decided that he would see if he could take the day off to spend with the girls as they had no school today. 

When he approached his boss earlier this week

His boss was fine with Shaun taking the day off, but he was just a little puzzled. 

Boss: Umm…Aren’t your kids…teenagers now?

Shaun: Yeah!

Boss: Do they want you to stay home with them?

Shaun: Who cares! This isn’t about them, it’s about ME! We’re gonna have FUN together! 

Today I am thankful for…the chance to get away and hang out with my scrap pals and the chance for Shaun and the girls to have some Daddy-Daughter time.

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  1. barnmouse says:

    Awww….back when I was younger, my daddy and I used to have “Daddy / Daughter” time too (that phrase just totally took me back). I’m (mostly) grown now and have moved away and I want that time back so badly. We would take the canoe out and paddle down all the little nooks in the creek and look for deer and other things. We found a nest (or whatever you call it) of baby beavers one year and watched them grow up all summer. Tell Sean to enjoy all the Daddy / Daughter time he can!!! It will be one of your girl’s best memories when they’re grown. 🙂

  2. Jay says:

    I used to work for a company that frowned on men spending time with their kids. They believed that was “women’s work” and any guy who took time off to be with his kids was a wuss. LOL

    What a crappy place that was.

  3. It is OHHHHHH so IMPORTANT to get away and for Dad to stand in…

    I go scrapbooking once or twice a year and Daddy takes over where I leave off….

    Good for me…
    Good for him…
    Good for them…..

  4. tommiea says:

    how fun to get away and just be with the girls!

  5. Patsy Ann says:

    Ok, what did you make, show me pictures! And what did Shaun and the girls do with their extra special time together. I hope he didn’t embarress them tooooooo much!

  6. Dawn says:

    I love Shaun’s answer, I was expecting the ‘whether they like it or not’ at the end. It is so sad that people like the boss, have a sad concept of families and teens.

  7. wolfbaby says:

    i like his response.. to funny!! i wish my dad had done that more often

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