Holiday Traditions~Fun Monday

For this week’s Fun Monday, Deborah of the Humble Housewife wants to know about a holiday tradition. So, I’ve been sitting here trying to write about the Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings of my youth, but my mind keeps going back to Halloween.  So I’m giving up on my original thought and going where my muse wants me. 

I’ve always loved Halloween.  You get to dress up in your most outrageous outfit, throw on lots of sparkles and glitter and everyone thinks you look wonderful.  (Any other day of the year, those same people look at you as though you are nuts) And, if you still happen to be a kid, you get to wonder around the neighborhood at night begging for candy.  What’s not to love about that?

Before we had children, I used to create costumes for Shaun and myself.  One of my very favorites was a dragon for my beloved.  I’m still quite impressed with the man that donned a huge, green felt body suit and stuffed dragon head.  Only, when he wore it to work at his bartending job, it was aptly renamed a “Lounge Lizard”. 

We were so excited that first Halloween that we had KT.  I whipped up an adorable purple clown costume for her and we hauled our ten month old baby girl around the neighborhood to trick or treat.  Most people understood that the camera wielding young couple were just excited and showing off their pride and joy, but there were others that thought we were just plain nuts. (Not that we cared!)

Every year since then, that had become our tradition.  I would make the costumes and we would both wander the neighborhood with them.  (Of course we both had to go…neither one of us could bear to miss out on the fun.  We simply left a bowl of candy on the porch and let the other kids fight over it).

Sadly for us, this year was a bit different.  KT felt that, at nearly 16, she was too old to go.  (last year she went around collecting for UNICEFF). Mimi knew she was really too old as well, so she went home from school with a friend that had younger siblings.  She “helped them out” and collected her own loot in the process.

Shaun had called from work asking KT and I too join him for dinner.  We met him at the food court of a nearby mall.  (I never said it was a fancy dinner!) We enjoyed each other’s company as we watched the children dressed up in costumes trick or treat through the mall.  Maybe this will be our new tradition…Although I do feel a smidge guilty about that huge bag of candy that we didn’t end up giving out…

Today I am thankful for…being able to sleep in an extra hour!

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