I Got My Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back….

(If that was just a regional commercial then nobody is going to have a clue as to what I’m jabbering about)

We didn’t get home from Martial Arts and running errands until late the other night.  When we got home Shaun was already there waiting for us.  (This was actually quite unusual as he often works quite late) After getting everyone fed, double checking about homework and just chatting about our day, Shaun started making some funny faces. 

Then he started telling me that he had the feeling that he had forgotten something…but that he couldn’t remember what.  I was immediately onto him, but I played it cool like a cucumber and helpfully started suggesting some things that he might have forgotten.  My darling husband started showing us exactly where Mimi got her Drama Queen streak from with his efforts to get a rise out of me.  (Ha! He should know better than to mess with the Cucumber Queen!)

Finally, in disgust, he reached in his pocket and drew out my Baby Camera.  I can’t tell you how fun it is to mess with someone who is trying to mess with you!

Now all I have to do it remember which safe place I put my card reader in.  As my camera now contains numerous pictures of the girls saying “take a picture of me! (Apparently they missed having a camera in their faces!) And some really fun pictures of how a Pringles can came to smell like toothpaste with a little help from a friend. 

Today I am thankful for…having my Baby home again!

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