I'm Not a Criminal!

This morning I once again drove through the terrifying hills of Seattle to take KT to work at the aquarium.  (The whole time desperately wishing that I had never read this!) When we arrived at the aquarium, I pulled over along the side of the street to let her pop out as I usually do.  At that ghastly time of morning, there really isn’t much traffic so blocking half a lane isn’t really a problem.  If anyone ever does happen to come up behind me, they always just pull around me.  This morning though, I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw a that a car  had chosen to wait directly behind me.  My second glance revealed that this wasn’t just any car, it was a police car. 

I urged KT to get out the car more quickly as I glanced around frantically looking for a “no stopping” sign or anything like that as I tried to figure out why he would just be waiting there behind me.   When KT was safely inside the building, I drove off …with my new buddy right behind me.  About a half a block later the dreaded flashing lights showed up in my rear view mirror.   Once again, I pulled over as far as I could in an effort to not block what traffic there was. 

The officer slowly walked up to my window and just glared at me as I offered him my license and insurance papers.  Then as I looked back at him in bafflement, he started figuring something in his head and using his fingers counted up to four. (Yep, I scored the smart cop!) Then he finally announced to me that it had been four months. 

Huh? I stared at him more intently trying to decide if I knew him from somewhere…what on earth could he have been talking about.  In a very disgusted tone of voice, he spat out that it had been four months since my tabs had expired.  A feeling a relief flooded over me.  Not only did I finally know why I had been stopped, I knew how to fix it.  I rummage in between the front seats and pulled out the envelope that I had placed there over four months ago.  I opened it up and showed him my brand new license plates.   (In WA plates have to be replaced ever seven years…yep, not only do I drive a MomMobile, it’s old.)  I admitted to him that I had placed them in the car and then had forgotten all about them.  (Well, except for all those times that I had scooted them out of the way)

I was amazed at how the officer’s manner immediately warmed up when he realized that I wasn’t exactly the common criminal he first thought I was.  He kindly advised me to put the new plates on just as soon as I could so that I wouldn’t get stopped again.  (I almost think he would have done it for me if either one of us had a screwdriver on us). 

Now I know that if I ever plan on robbing a 7-11 to make sure that I have current tabs on my getaway car…that way they’ll go easy on me….

Today I’m thankful for…having placed those current plates in the car…even if it was months ago!

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