I've Got 15 Minutes!

Nothing like pushing it until the very last minute to get my post in on the second day of the challenge! I had intended to have this done much earlier, but things don’t always go as planned.

It seems like it has been a very busy week.  We’ve all been running and burning the candle at both ends.  What I really crave is sleep. (as I sit typing away at 11:46)  The girls decided that they could skip martial arts today and after playing chauffeur every single day for who knows how long, I wasn’t going to argue with them.  It was nice to just be able to doze off sit and relax for an hour or so. 

Then I realized that I had best feed the monsters before they started roaring.  I decided to make a homemade batch of nice comforting (vegan) cream of mushroom soup with a dense loaf of fresh bread.  As I had more time than usual, I choose to simmer the  mushrooms and sweet onions for much longer than I normally would. 

I left the kitchen for a few minutes to talk to Shaun who had called wondering if we’d like to meet him for dinner somewhere.  This is something that I would normally jump on.  (If you’ve been reading my blog for any time, you’ve probably figured out that my cooking skills leave much to be desired).  Instead I told him of my wonderful soup in the making and the heavenly aroma wafting from the kitchen.  He merely sighed loudly and said he would come home for dinner.  (The man has no faith at all in my cooking ability) I chatted with him for a few more minutes and then hung up the phone. 

Several minutes later, I realized that the heavenly aroma was no longer quite so wonderful.  It was smelling…well…scorched.  I frantically hauled the heavily smoking pot outside so the fumes would stop contaminating the air inside of our house.  (I may be wrong, but I think a few unfortunate birds may have been overcome and fallen from the sky)

Sheepishly, I called Shaun back and asked if the offer was still open to meet up somewhere.  It took a while for my beloved to stop laughing at me, but we enjoyed a nice dinner out. Sigh…

Today, I am thankful that I didn’t melt the pot again while trying to cook.

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