My New Phone

Monday night, I checked my email and found that someone in my community had recently upgraded to a Blackberry (which would be totally  cool to have if only for that adorable name.  And you know, I would have a Mac if it were up to me, just ’cause they are so stinkin’ cute!)  Now, the phone this person upgraded from is a pretty sweet phone on it’s own.  In fact, a couple years ago, it was considered the phone to have. (This is according to my Beloved who knows everything…or so he thinks)

Now most people would be thrilled to have been given such an amazing phone.  I’m trying to be thrilled, but a phone that calls itself a “Smart Phone” is just a little bit too intimidating to me.  If you recall, I’m the girl that only wants the bare-bones-does-nothing-but-talk phone. I was devastated when my last phone died and I had to get my pretty pink one.

Being thankful to have been given another chance at a phone, I set to work getting to know my new phone.  (She doesn’t seem to have a name other then “New Phone” yet) It only took me about a hour a few short minutes to figure out how to switch over the SIM card.  (Shaun was astonished that I managed to figure it out all by myself) Then all I had to do was to figure out how to turn the phone on.  Fortunately for me, I live in a house with two teenagers. 

For some reason, teenagers (actually most kids) were born knowing how all these electronics gizmos work.  Thanks to them, I now know how to turn my phone on and off, I also have a new ring tone and password.  When I told the girls that I had set the time all by myself, they gave me the praise that I deserved.  That was until I mentioned that it was in Greenland time.  (Hey, it was the only one that worked!)

The New Phone and I are adjusting to each other much better than expected.  That may change soon though.  Shaun thinks I should sign up for the data function that the phone was meant to use.  I have two problems with this.  First, Hello, I’m cheap frugal! And second, my head my explode with all of those button! But then again, if they keyboard were just a teeny bit bigger, I could blog from anywhere.  Hmmm……

Today I am thankful for…all of your kind words of sympathy and offers of phones.  (Even if you don’t really have one Stephanie!) Except for Jay, who made fun of me.  He obviously forgot that Santa is watching everyone extra close this time of year….

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