Oh Hail!

Shortly before we were to leave for martial arts this afternoon,  Mimi got a call from one of her girlfriends.  She lives about a mile or so away and wanted to know if we had gotten any hail.  Mimi basically told her friend that she was nuts because all we had was a little rain. 

As we were getting our shoes on to head outside, the hail came.  And it came with a vengeance! (I personally think it was to pay Mimi back for scoffing at the possibility of it coming.)


As the hail kept coming down, our little drama queen started to panic.  She whimpered that she was too afraid to drive into town.  In fact she was too afraid to be driven anywhere in the hailstorm.  As I tried to reassure her that all would be well, our little dog, Penny started whimpering as well.  I had just as much success explaining  that we were all safe to her as I had to Mimi. 

If I’m completely  honest, I have to confess that the intensity of the storm was a bit unnerving to me as well.  There was getting to be quite the accumulation after only a  few minutes.


After about ten or fifteen minutes, the hail finally ended.  I finally managed to unearth myself from a pile of terrified pets and one suddenly chatty  child.  Mimi, realizing that she had indeed survived that first horrible-ish storm of the season had decided that it was time to educate me about where hail came from and how big it can get to be. (she is constantly giving me science lessons from the science teacher she claims is so horrible)

I, unfortunately, forgot to take a photo of all the hail we ended up with.  There must have been at least ten feet of it, I don’t know how we managed to survive!

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