The Accidental Napper

Yesterday, Shaun came home from work early as he wasn’t feeling very well.  All night he was up and down, tossing and turning and muttering how awful it was that he couldn’t get to sleep.  Consequently, I didn’t get any sleep either.  (There are times that I can really see the beauty of twin beds…or better yet, separate rooms!)

When I got up with the girls at five thirty this morning, Shaun was sleeping like a baby.  When I left for work just before eight, he was still peacefully slumbering away. (Yes, you may congratulate me for being strong enough to allow him to continue sleeping soundly.  Because, believe me, I was highly tempted to wake him up!) When I came home this afternoon, I found that my Beloved had called in sick to work.  Instead of languishing away on the couch with a box of tissue and the remote control like a normal sick person, Shaun comfortably dressed in his robe.  He barely had time to say hello to me as he was in the midst of some sort of intense quest while in WoW .  I just shook my head at him and went upstairs to deal with all the after school stuff that needed dealing with. 

Later on in the afternoon, Shaun and I took a moment to reconnect while laying on our bed as we often do. (These are officially known as Three Minute Hugs.  I’ll have to tell you all about them someday…although maybe not until next year) I made the fatal mistake of pretending to look somewhat interested in one of his WoW stories.  Fatal, because once he starts talking about his favorite game, I simply can not get him to stop.  I usually endure his tirades  heroic tales  endless explanations by thinking about something else.  Like taking out the trash, that new book I’m reading or even what shapes the textured walls could be forming. 

Today, I was just thinking and…the next thing I knew, Shaun was trying to tickle my upper lip and accusing me of faking sleep.  (You know, because we would never, ever do that!)  Um…yeah….I was faking it. That’s exactly what happened. 

I wouldn’t want anyone to think that their endless droning about fighting off some sort of imaginary trolls so you could collect their ears and sell them or get points or something, could put me to sleep.  Could that really have been what he was chattering on about?  I must have been dreaming that…


Bit O’ Life

Yes, I know…I haven’t done this for a while.  I started with the being thankful thing and I think I decided I didn’t want to be thankful! I’ve missed this much more. And yes, there’s a rule that says I can not do both…


I’m probably the only one that is amused by this, but yesterday was Michael Vartan’s birthday.  KT made vegan brownies to bring to school so her friends could celebrate with her.  Before they could have a brownie though, they had to proclaim “Happy Birthday Michael!”

She is so her father’s child!

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