The End is Here!

At the preschool, there is a little boy named John.  John really struggles with working on his papers.  He’d much rather be off running around and just playing.  Yet, he has come to grudgingly understand that before he can go play, he needs to complete his papers first. 

I always love when John completes something.  He thrusts his fists up into the air and jubilantly shouts “I DID IT!!!”   Of course I dutifully praise him and tell him what a wonderful job he has done…then instruct him to color in the other shoe on his paper. 

This month, I have felt like John.  I write a post just so I can get it done.  I praise myself that I did another post (all those wonderful comments help as well!)…then I realize that NaBloPoMo will be insisting that I finish up my commitment by writing yet another post. 

It’s been an interesting month for me.  I’ve learned that I really don’t like having to do something.  (Well, ok…anyone that knows me in real life knows that isn’t anything new.)  I do a much better job with my posts when I have time to let it brew in my head until it’s ready to come out.  There have been so many times this month where I just had to write whatever was floating there on the top…which results in what has become known as a “lame post”.  (And my family doesn’t seem to be the least bit shy in letting me know this!)

I’ve also learned that I really can post every single day.  And that choosing not to participate in NaNoWriMo at the same time was a really good choice.  Starting tomorrow, I will once again go back to posting whenever  the urge strikes.  But for now, I get to say “I DID IT!!!”


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