There's a Reason I Don't Blog on the Weekend!

Warning: This is going to be one of those lame posts. (Shaun you can just stop reading right now!)

I’ve been running all day, taking kids here and there.  I think I may have been home for a total of an hour today.  Shaun and the girls just dumped me off at the house are now headed for dinner and a movie. In just a moment I’m heading out the door once again to go play with one of my girlfriends. (Yay for me!)  In the event that I get home before midnight, I’ll post again, but you probably won’t hear from me until tomorrow.

In the meantime, Today, I am thankful for….the fact that I usually carry some sort of napkin or tissue in my pocket.  It can come in very handy at the poorly stocked soccer field restroom. 

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  1. Kell says:

    Hey, this qualifies as a post! No need to stay up too late to get another one in. This one was fine.

    Hope you had a good time with your girlfriend. What did you do? Oh, I guess that will be tomorrow’s post?

  2. Frances says:

    I had a similar experience today.
    Thank goodness I always stuff a couple of napkins from Starbucks in my pocket LOL!

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Strangely, I’m imagining all the things you might do with that tissue in that bathroom–I’m not limited to simple wiping.

    Stuffing your bra?

  4. Jenster says:



  5. gawilli says:

    The best reason for not cleaning out your purse!

    This posting every day is hard stuff! Isn’t it?

  6. giveitatry says:

    I am thankful that my in-laws are having a safe trip back to Seattle. 🙂

  7. Peggy says:

    Sometimes the only time I’ve got to blog properly is the weekend.

  8. Cazzie says:

    Poorly stocked soccer room, oh no, thats wrong!!

  9. Susan says:

    Kell~Thanks! You always were my favorite! We ended up just hanging out at her house, chatting and enjoying one of the many bottles of wine that we aquired on our last outing!

    Frances~Always prepared!

    Jocelyn~Um…I haven’t needed to do that since 5th grade…

    Jen~you can be my second favorite.

    Gawilli~yes it is!

    Beckie~Oh you have to visit me when you go out to see them!

    Peggy~I guess we are opposites in that regard. 🙂

    Cazzie~I couldn’t agree more!

  10. Patsy Ann says:

    Drinking again! I remember you tip toeing in! Glad you have been having fun! You will have to im me!

  11. robinellablog says:

    I can’t tell you how many mini pads I’ve used in lieu of toilet paper. So soft.

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