They're SOOOO Adorable

I unexpectedly had today off…so I took advantage of this childless time to go shopping.  Shortly before I headed home, I stopped to get a peppermint mocha couple of  gift cards at the Starbucks drive-through.   

The barista rang them up for me and instead of giving me one of those cute little envelopes that they usually come in,  she tucked them into the most adorable fuzzy red mittens. 


I couldn’t help it, I squealed in delight. (And I’m not really a squealer type of person)  Once the barista climbed back down from the ceiling she just laughed at me.  I could tell that she wasn’t nearly as charmed as she should have been. 

I’m still going to give the gift card away, but both of those mittens are staying right here!

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