Were you going to finish that? ~Fun Monday

Life in the Fishbowl want to see pictures of our unfinished projects.  As I recently posted that my baby camera was all better, I guess I can’t just make a long list of everything. (If I had known what I was signing up for ahead of time, I may not have done so!)

Of course I have those artsy/crafty/sewing projects that I started and lost interest in long before they were finished.  There is a beautiful quilt of KT’s that I started with a friend who was teaching me how to quilt.  I was quickly lost and kinda sorta stopped making it.  (Who the heck knew there was so much math and details in quilting???) I told my friend she could just have all the fabric and such.  By the time KT’s birthday rolled along that year, my friend’s daughter gave the completed quilt to her as a gift.  Hmmmm, maybe I should just start leaving projects over there…

My latest unfinished project is this pillowcase. 

mon wall, embrilary

I started it with the intention of working on it in those moments of waiting.  Like when riding in the car and at soccer games.  These didn’t work out so well for me.  I get car sick when I focus on something to much and the transfer runs if it gets a little raindrop or two on it. (Very common in Seattle area soccer fields!) Still, I carry it around with me and pretend that I’m working on it.  It could happen…

Another area that I’m not so great on finishing things up in, is home improvement.  Most of my problem is indecision.  For example:

monday wall

This is the wall that I look at from my favorite chair.  That glob of blueish-purple came from a gallon of paint that I decided I didn’t really like after all.  I look at that several times a day and wonder to myself what color really needs to be there.  (I have to be careful with all the colors I have have going on as well as the constant gray skies.)

I know that my glob drives Shaun nuts.  I’m pretty sure that he thinks that I don’t even see the glob anymore.  (I can often have tunnel vision when it comes to things like this)

Then again…

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