Woe Is Me…

Some time back, my Baby Camera became ill.  Her screen went dark for no reason that I could fathom.  (That’s not really saying much, as you may have guessed by now that my technical skills are somewhat lacking) I nagged and nagged sweetly asked my Beloved to take a peek at it in an effort to discover what could be ailing the poor dear.   He carefully looked at it for about thirty seconds before shrugging in bafflement.  (I’m fairly sure that the bafflement wasn’t so much about what was wrong with the camera as it was about why on earth I was pestering him about it!)

We took the Baby back to the camera shop from where we had adopted her to see if they could doctor her up.  They couldn’t do anything for us except send her off to be repaired.  Then they informed me that it would take six to eight weeks.  Of course, I didn’t really believe it would take that long…but it did. (You may have noticed a decrease in photos lately…the Beast has been acting up as well)

On yesterday’s voice mail a very professional young man  professionally stated  that he was Tim from So and So Camera Shop and then went on to very excitedly announce that my Baby was ready to come home.  (I could have kissed that young man…it was obvious that he knew how much I had been missing my Baby).

It was too late to pick her up last night, but Shaun agreed to stop at the camera store today as it was so near his office.  All day long I got a giddy little feeling as I thought about our reunion.  (Yes, I realize how pathetic that sounds…but I don’t care!)  We spoke on the phone around five and I reminded Shaun to get the Baby. He said he was on track to do that…I could hardly wait!

Shaun arrived home empty-handed.  Of course, I knew he was messing with me as he always does.  Only…this time…he wasn’t messing with me.  He had gotten busy and forgotten all about my treasured Baby Camera.  I’m pretty sure the neighbors all heard my wail of despair as I howled my disappointment.  (Although they all probably just wrote it off as a coyote.  Or maybe even a fire truck)

Maybe…just maybe I will have my Baby back tomorrow.  One can only hope…

Today I am thankful for…the wonders of digital photography.  (I never run out of film!)

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