I Met My Favorite Celebrity!!

I realize that I was supposed to tell you about some other stuff…but something much more exciting came up.  Quite by accident, I MET one of the most fabulous famous people ever!

Tonight was Mimi’s orchestra concert. Usually these things are held in the school gymnasium.  But, lucky for us, tonight’s performance was held in the beautiful, newly built, community performing arts center.  For reasons unknown to anyone, all the parents were locked out of the seating area until the musicians had fine tuned their instruments.  We were more than willing to wait in the spacious lobby just because of the mere fact that we would be able to sit in in real theater seating with beautiful acoustics…as opposed to a hard bleacher bench in a huge gym. 

As we were waiting, I stuck up a conversation with the lady standing next to me.  We chatted for a few minutes and then her husband came wandering over to chat with us as well.  I couldn’t help myself for sneaking glances at him wondering where I had seen those twinkling eyes before.  It was driving me nuts that I couldn’t place where I knew him from.  I finally figured out who this rotund reminded me of.  I knew that I was probably wrong, and that it was quite silly, but I felt I was in the presence of greatness.

It wasn’t too long before the school principal maneuvered his way over toward us.  He chatted with this man for a moment and my suspicions were answered when the gentleman pulled out a  business card that had a picture of him, as well as one little word and a phone number.  The word that was written on the card…was Santa.  (Although I do find it rather interesting that Santa has a grand daughter that goes to Mimi’s school)

Moments after my discovery, the doors opened and the crowd pushed us all inside the venue, headed in separate directions.  I sat down and enjoyed the two hour show. (It’s amazing how good music can sound when you are sitting in a well-cushioned chair with a back on it!)


It was only after I pulled out my camera to get a shot of the school orchestra that I nearly kicked myself for not even thinking of getting a picture of my favorite celebrity. 

Lucky for me, I ended up standing next to Mr and Mrs Claus while we were  waiting for the kids to come out from backstage.  I shyly asked him if I could take his picture.  (And you know that I wanted to slide back into childhood and tell him what I really wanted for Christmas!)


My Hero!!

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