It's Been Two Years, Baby!

Two years and ten days (but my first real entry was on the 18th so I’m counting it!) ago, I made my first blog entry.  It said “ThiiissssismblogthatImadeatmydad’swerk”  That little silliness that goes back to a much younger Mimi still makes me smile.  I never intended to start a blog.  In fact, I wouldn’t have if Shaun hadn’t pestered me into it.  But I”m glad I finally started one.  More importantly, that I continued on with it. 

Over these past few years I’ve recorded many things that would have been otherwise forgotten.  Just little silly things like kid conversations, traveling adventures, and domestic disputes.   Whenever something cute, silly or semi-interesting happens, my family responds simply by saying “Blog It”.  Friends, relatives and strangers (this is a good time to delurk!!) all keep tabs on my me and my family.  To my amusement, if  I start slacking off in with my posts, I;m guaranteed to hear about it!

The blogging community itself it just so fun.  I’ve come to care about people that I never would have met in any other way.  I’ve even met bloggers in real life.  (Well, except for my neighbor Carol, which is really weird as we are only around the corner from each other.  We really need to get together as we seem to have so much in common!)  I’ve been given some wonderful awards that warm my heart.  (OK so I’m really, really bad about putting them in my sidebar and I have a couple special ones that I haven’t even posted about yet, but I really, truly treasure them!)

I’m not really done, but I have to go to work, I’m about to be late!!!! I’ll finish later….

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