My Favorite Ornament~Fun Monday

Kaytabug wants to know what our favorite Christmas ornament is.  How on earth am I supposed to chose just one?  When we bring out our ornaments, and I open up the container, all sorts of wonderful memories come flooding out.  I have to smile when I see the first ornaments that Shaun and I bought together.  I grin even bigger when I touch the ornaments that we made for each other in the first years of our marriage.  The snowflakes that were crocheted by my grandmother, the ugly ornament that I received in an exchange from our play group, the funny little one I made as a Girl Scout…so many memories of past Christmases.  

If I had to pick a very favorite, I think it would be a kid ornament. I pick this one.


I’m sure that nobody would argue when I say that it is a horrible picture of something that looks as though it should have been tossed long ago.  But to me, this is beautiful. 

It is a piece of thin cardboard with with tin foil glued on top of it.  then liberally decorated with glitter. I can still remember my little girls running towards me eager to show me their wonderful creations that they had made in day care. It was one of the first things that they had done without me…a big step towards growing up. 

This year, KT wanted to have a themed tree.  The fact that very few of our ornaments really, really bothers her.  What she doesn’t understand, is that anyone can go out and buy a matching set to have a nice tree.  It takes years and years of collecting and memories to have a truly beautiful tree. 

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