Wacky Weather

You’ve got to be some pretty stuff stock to live in the Seattle area.  It’s common knowledge that it rains a bit here just a little bit. We are tough nuts though, we rarely even bother with an umbrella.  In fact, the only time I really see them is at a soccer game (for the spectators, the kids have fun getting drenched!) or in the hand of a tourist.   The bottom line is, rain is no big deal for us. 

However, just to take us down a few notches and to keep us from getting too cocky, the Weather Trolls decided to have fun and send us some wind and rain.  Lots of rain. In fact, if you’ve seen the news, chances are pretty good that our town was featured on it. (I keep seeing our brand new waterfall)  Frankly, I’m getting a little tired of being on the news every December.  Last year we were featured as being hardest hit for the wind storm.  This year it’s for flooding.  (You can see a video of it here)

We are fine up here on our hill.  The rest of the town, well, they have a lot of water.  KT called from the school bus yesterday and said that the bus was taking a very round-about-way to come home because of all the flooding.  She had no idea when she would get home.  When she finally arrived, she scoffed at how silly it was.  She told me that there was just a little bit of water under the overpass…it would’ve been easy to go through.  Obviously, my child has gone through waaaaayyy too many deep puddles with her dad in the Big Orange Jeep.

flood This photo was shameless stolen graciously lent by Carol (who has several more, go see them!

One of KT’s friends that had gone home with her older brother and was stranded there, reported that there were lots of people traveling around the apartments in kayaks. As horrible as that is, it just cracks me up that these kids (ok, young adults…I think I’m getting old!) have decided to go out and play. 

Despite the fact that my children were convinced that there would be no school today, the roads have pretty much drained off , at least around us, and people can get around.  So everyone will have to put their umbrellas away and get back to everyday living…

I know I make light of this, as I seem to do with pretty much everything.  We  are in a state of emergency and many, many people have to deal with the aftermath of this heavy storm. My heart goes out to them. 

Also, for unknown reasons, I don’t seem to be able to send email. It comes…but doesn’t leave.  Hopefully Shaun can fix that for me.  (Yes, that’s a hint!!)

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  1. Kell says:

    I saw a story on the news about the rain and wind you are getting and thought of you guys. The weather guy said it was hurricane levels. How awful. I’m glad you guys are OK.

  2. Jay says:

    The weather guy made it sound like Hurricane Katrina Jr. was hitting you guys. Maybe he wasn’t that far off. Weathermen tend to be kind of excitable anyway.

  3. Yes, the weather guy I heard even said something like a hurricane had hit Washington state.

    “Just a little bit of water under an overpass”…..what a hoot!!!

  4. Susan says:

    I think in some parts of the state…a bit further south and on the coast they got hit really, really hard.

    We finally got around to getting our generater actually set up and found that the furnace needs a bit of an adjustment so that we can plug it in. Oops! Now I’m triple glad we didn’t lose power!

  5. giveitatry says:

    Wow – I had heard that it flooded up that way, but I didn’t realize it was that bad. Of course, that is just a little bit of water – HA. That must of slowed the traffic down a bit.

    It was really warm here (E. WA) yesterday and today – in the high sixties. I love it!

  6. Lisa's Chaos says:

    Wow that’s a lot of water! Glad you live on a hill. 🙂

  7. Lynne says:

    Glad to know that you “weathered” the storm yet again. We’ve had snow, sleet and lots of wind in the past couple of days. Windchill out there right now is about 20F.

    Stay warm and safe!

  8. Frances says:

    That would be me in a kayak.
    My good friend used to say “When the weather is bad I put the pot on ’cause I know you’ll be out.”
    Nothing keeps me in!

  9. Peggy says:

    It rains all the time here in Scotland too. We just get on with things. If we didn’t have this attidude we’d never get anything done! BTW I’m ready for the rain to stop.

  10. mrsgatt says:

    This was some storm! I kept waking up Sunday night because it was pounding on our roof and the wind chimes were rocking and rolling on our deck. We had too roof leaks, a problem we’ve never had before.

  11. Lisa Milton says:

    It has been crazy this week. I was in Cannon Beach over the weekend, and was so thankful we came back before all the roads were closed.

    (I laugh whenever a movie takes place in the NW, and everyone seems hyperaware of the ordinary rain – carrying umbrellas, complaining. So silly.)

  12. Cheryl says:

    So it’s either no-umbrellas or yes-canoes. I’m glad you were safe. Yes, that’s some wacky weather. We’ve had snow all day today and the weather service just said it will be 60 on Monday. Go figure.

  13. Here, if it rains just a 1/2 inch, we get 3 feet of rushing water in our arroyo. We had 5 inches one night in 2006, washed out roads, literally changed the geography… amazing, the power of nature.

  14. Pamela says:

    I heard more was on the way.
    My sis was the LAST car through on I-5 at Chehalis. She has a little car and she said the wheels came off the road a couple of times.

  15. Linda says:

    Holy smoke! We just came from there not two days ago! Rain is a way of life for Seattlites – but not that kind of rain! Thank goodness for those dangblasted hills!

  16. my goodness!! if only we could balance your deluge with our D4 drought!

  17. Karina says:

    We had some pretty massive flooding here in our area a few years back, and the roads pretty much looked like that underpass for quite a few days…it was pretty rough for a lot of folks, (my parents had some damage themselves), but it’s always interesting to see the folks out there making their way around any way they can.

  18. Jeff says:

    We could use some of that rain out my way. See if you can convince a weather troll to head out here!

  19. tommiea says:

    that is alot of water! She is probably glad that the bus didn’t go thru that.

  20. Jocelyn says:

    Yup, y’all had made the news, but nothing as impressive as that photo. Your KT is a tough bug for sure!

  21. lavidaboca says:

    I guess Boca Raton, FL and Seattle, WA do have something in common from time to time: bad weather! I’m glad you survived it and still have a great attitude in order to make the best of it.

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