Furry and Scaly

For this week’s Fun Monday, Lisa wants to meet our furry or scaly pals.  Little does she know, we have both…lots and lots of both. 

I asked Shaun if he had any photos of all of our critters and he told me he thought he did but he didn’t know where.  So he started to tell me how to access them from the network.  I honestly tried to follow what he was saying but my glazed over eyes decided that it would be much easier to grow wings and fly.  So I grabbed the Beast and started on my photo safari. 

First stop was Jenny.  She’s our sweet guinea pig that doesn’t get nearly enough attention. 

pets jenny

Our two handsome boys, Buddy and Baby Nigel were very interested in Jenny.  She didn’t seem to mind them sniffing her at all…as long as they left her snack alone.  It was when they thought it would be fun to bat at her that she started squealing. 

pets nigel pets buddy

I quickly got Jenny safely settled back in her cage, then the boys and I headed to the Zoo Room.  This is every little boy’s (and one big one) dream room.  It contains all sorts of creatures.  I started to take a photo of the corn snakes when one started to come see what that lens was doing in it’s home.  Naturally, I was startled and jumped back.  This, of course, made Shaun really nervous and he suddenly realized how easy it would be for him to find those photos I had asked for.  So…all remaining photos are Shaun’s. 

This is one of the corn snakes I was trying to capture.  If you look at KT, you can see how long ago this was taken. 

pets corn

Of course what reptile collection would be complete without a red-tail boa? This is Petunia.  She’s quite lovely…but not really very nice.  I always tell her that she had better hope nothing happens to Shaun.

pets boa

Another critter you don’t want to mess with is this beauty.  

pet scorp 

I’m sure this scorpion has a name, but I’ve no clue what it is.  I don’t know the name of this cuddly looking tarantula either. 

pet tarantua

Then again…I don’t even know what this poor little critter is

pet thing

But I do know what this is….we have three different species…

pet roach

I’m sure there’s some more stuff down there that will either make you go Cool! or just give you the heebie jeepies.  Plus we have our dogs, the rest of the cats and a fish. Shaun really, really wants to get another dog…and a bird…and a hedgehog…and…

See this is what happens when a child grows up without pets.  Don’t say you aren’t warned!

(If you need a fur fix now, scroll down a couple posts to see our sweet Sissy)

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