I heard it on the radio

I have never been one of those girls that gets all excited at the thought of meeting one of the celebrity heart throb musicians in whatever the IN band happens to be.  Seeing images of girls fainting when the Beatles started to sing puzzled me. I can remember being astonished as my aunt sobbed her heart out  when Elvis died.  All my girlfriends had posters of Leif Garret and Shaun Cassidy on their walls.  I just didn’t get it.  How could you possibly think you are madly in love with someone that everyone else is in love with…and that doesn’t even have a clue that you even exist?

So imagine my shock finding out that my youngest daughter turned out to be one of those kind of girls.  She swoons over the latest editions of the teen magazines and plasters the mini-posters they contain on her walls.  She screams when her favorite band comes on the radio.

One of our local radio stations is sponsoring a return of the Jonas Brothers next month.  (What? You don’t know who the Jonas Brothers are? Most likely you are not the proud owner of a teenage girl) Mimi (and most of her friends) are determined to win tickets.  This entails staying glued to the radio and keeping track of every single song they play, then being the right caller at the radio station. 

This morning on the way to school, we were listening to the radio station when the DJ started to read an email they had gotten.  I missed the first part of it, but apparently a thirteen year old girl had somehow managed to call her dad instead of the radio station.  The dad wasn’t sure who was calling and asked who she was trying to reach.  He realized it was his daughter when she excitedly replied that she was calling for Jonas Brother tickets.

Dad, being quick on the draw, announced that she was the 106th caller!  Then he went on to tell her that she was the Grand Prize winner with  front row seats and backstage passes to meet the band!  The girl naturally went hysterical.  (Those kind of girls always do)  When all of the excited screaming stopped, the father let her down gently as he told her that is what she would have heard if she had dialed the right number!  She hasn’t spoken to him for two days now. 

Mimi was shocked that someone would do that to their kid.  (Um…obviously she had momentariry forgotten about her own father’s wicked sense of humor.)  She  felt so bad for that girl and was outraged that I had to nerve to laugh like crazy in appreciation at that father’s wit.   Personally, I’d like to shake his hand…

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