Like A Shiny New Penny

I’m not sure what it is about a new year, but we all seem to think of it as a wonderful new start of things.  It’s like a  brand new sparkling penny with nary a smudge.  Something you just want to take out of your pocket and gaze at for a while.  New years are always out there…it’s just not every day that we see one. 

Along with every new year, comes the obligatory resolutions.   You know the same ones we make every year….get organized, get out of debt, work out at the gym,  lose weight, help others more… Yet despite all those wonderful intentions, those New Year’s Resolutions disappear just as quickly as that brand new penny does. 

For me, in my primary role as Mother Extradinare, my yearly clock seems to start in the fall.  That’s when the  school year starts and when things just feel new.  (Technically things should feel new in the spring and dying in the fall, but I’ve always been backwards about things.) That’s when I want to re-evaluate and create new goals. 

Last fall, I happened to come across a fun wiki group called a Life List.  It’s basically a place where you can write down all the things you want to get done in your life.  It can be as mundane as remembering to charge your cell phone or as thrilling as cliff diving and of course, everything in between.  Naturally, I had to make a list…you can find it right HERE  if you are a snoop.  (And aren’t all bloggers snoops?) 

It’s something I’ve been keeping in the back of my mind and working towards off and on.  It really does need to be updated as I’ve thought of all sorts of things I need to be doing.  I encourage you to create a Life List for yourself…even if it is just on the back of an envelope.  Make it something worth working towards.  After all…we might easily let a shiny penny slip through our fingers, but nobody is going to toss a twenty out, no matter how dull and wrinkled it gets…    

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