Otter Pops

Yes, Tylor was right when he guessed that one of us stated that everyone knows what Otter Pops were.   Shaun wanted to head over to the grocery store and just start asking random people.  I just jump started it by asking on yesterday’s little poll.  Approximately 75% of you knew what they were.  Frankly, I thought you would all know.  Aren’t  you proud of me for not simply deleting those comments that claimed they didn’t know??  (Thanks to all that answered and hello to my first time commenters.  Hi Rick…you nearly made me fall off the chair when I realized who you were!)

Ever since I’ve known him, Shaun has always had an addiction of one sort or another.  When we first met, he was a closet smoker (as if anyone can hide that stench).  Over the years the addiction has been many things including chewing tobacco, gum, sunflower seeds and most recently…Otter Pops.

Throughout most times of the year, finding them is no problem.  You can easily find them in any grocery store or just pick up a case of about two zillion at Costco.  Yet, as the seasons changed and the days grew shorter so did the supply of Otter Pops.  For my dear husband, I bought the last two cases that Costco carried and figured that would be fine to make it through the winter.  Instead, he made it through the end of the year…just barely. 

Thus began the Great Otter Pop Hunt.  During my errands, I kept an eye out for some wayward box the icy treats in corners and clearance sections of all the places that had carried them.  They were no where to be found.  In desperation, Shaun accompanied me on my next trip  to the grocery store.  We searched high and low.  Finally, Shaun spotted a hapless box boy. 

In a loud booming voice Shaun called out to him.  “Young man! Do you have any Otter Pops? Do you know what they are? They’re….”

I froze.  This wasn’t my sweet husband asking for help.  Somehow I was I was suddenly back to being  a teenage girl being unreasonably humiliated while my dad gave some stranger the third degree.  I couldn’t help it, instead of following to see where the Otter Pops were hidden, I went down a different aisle, desperately hoping that nobody knew I was with that loud mouthed man. 

In a moment, Shaun found me, giddy to be carting a box of one hundred Otter Pops with him and wondering where I had gone.  When I told him that he had sounded exactly like my dad, he burst out laughing.  My mom has always told me that Shaun and my dad are exactly alike and instances like this just go to prove it. 

Later on, sounding just like one of our petulant teens, I told him that he didn’t have to describe Otter Pops to that boy without even giving him a chance to talk.  Then I went on to say that everyone knew what Otter Pops were.  Of course, Shaun had to disagree with me.  He bet that at least twenty percent of the population hadn’t a clue. 

I hate it when he’s right…

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  1. Tylor says:

    Ah, that’s what they were. In Iowa we just call them Freezy Pops.

  2. Hilary says:

    Funny story! 🙂 I can imagine how you felt at the store.. I might have hidden too.

    In Canada, they’re called Mr. Freeze.

  3. Jay says:

    Well it may be that 20% of the population has never heard of Otter Pops. But, what % of grocery store workers wouldn’t know what they are. I mean, they work in a grocery store. They’re supposed to know what all food and food-like substances are.

  4. pastorrick says:

    Otter pops must be a Washington thing ad not a California thing.

  5. chrisb says:

    That made me laugh~ I often see bits of my father in my hubby and it’s always the bits I don’t like!!

    Hope you don’t mind me tagging you- don’t feel obliged to accept!

  6. Susan says:

    Tylor~Ok…I’m switching you back to the yes pile!

    Jay~That was my argument…I knew I should have pushed harder on it.

    Ricky~They did too. It’s just that YOUR father wouldn’t let us have any…

    Chris~Hmmm…I’m going to have to accept this sometime or other… 🙂

  7. Frogdancer says:

    Got to say that they’re definitely not sold in Australia. By the sound of them, I thought that maybe they were a form of pet treat…. mashed up otter parts baked and moulded into bite sized snacks for your dog. Or food to be actually given to otters. Or an exploding lolly/sweet for kids.

    You need to get him onto Vegemite. Now there’s a food not for the faint-hearted! I think you probably have to be Australian to appreciate the glory that is Vegemite. My Canadian friend calls it Kangaroo poo. Still, if he’s brave enough to tackle something called Otter Pops, then maybe he’s up to the Vegemite challenge…

  8. i have never heard of them before reading this post. with a house full of kids, that surprises me! but i am fairly certain the local food lion (our local grocery chain) doesn’t have them…like most other good things! (the perils of living far from a decent town)

  9. Rick says:

    Well…I’ve been reading for a while – it actually helps me keep up on Shaun’s life as much as your own. It’s a fun blog! Also, I often hear about these things from Shaun so I like to find out about the OTHER side of the story. 🙂

  10. Cheryl says:

    I looked at wikipedia, to make see what otter pops are, and I’m pretty sure they don’t sell them here. We do have Fla-va-ice.

  11. Getting to the party a little late, sorry…never heard of Otter Pops. I looked at the link, and we had Fla-Vor-Ice! 🙂

  12. mrs darling says:

    Oh thats funny. Otter pops are a part of every summer day around here!

    I would have disappeared down another aisle too . lol

  13. Marianne says:

    Oh, you had me raising my eyebrows and scrunching my nose in disgusted wonder! Then I checked the link; we don’t have Otter Pops here in Ohio, just FlavOrIce.

    We do, however, have a really nice natural history/science/kids museum up in Dayton with a mini-zoo of critters local to this area. Our fave is the one you see right as you walk through the double doors to the animals….Mr. Otter!

    Thanks for the giggle!

  14. Stephanie says:

    LOL. I totally would have hid down another isle. And danggit…they are NEVER suppose to be right. DRAT!

  15. lisamm says:

    I should own stock in Otter Pops. My daughters eat them every night as a bedtime snack. They get them at halftime at their soccer games. My husband is now a big fan, too. We can get them year round here in Orange County, CA. I buy them at my local grocery store or at Costco. We buy about 2 boxes of 100 per month. It’s wacky.

  16. Cazzie says:

    Dang, thats a funny story…here we have these colorless icycles for the kids to eat, the are nice and refreshing on such hot days as these. Last week it got to 42.4 degrees celcius here!

  17. Freakazojd says:

    Oh dear, I’ve never heard of Otter Pops either!
    That really was a funny story – poor kid. Just stackin’ boxes and minding his own business. 🙂

  18. lauramcintyre says:

    Oh i have never heard of them either, but im in Scotland which is maybe an excuse.

    BTW just new to your blog tonight and wanted to drop by and say Hi.

  19. rob says:

    You know, I was surprised to find out some people have no Idea what an Otter Pop is. Some of these people prove my point. Where I come from, Otter Pop is what you call all freezy pops, albeit, I thought everyone knew there was only one Otter Pop, the rest were just wanttabes.
    I moved to the midwest where things are quite different. A shame that those trucks roll through the heartland but don’t share some of the Icons from both coasts.
    I had a pic nic in my back yard, and asked “who wants an Otter Pop?” Nobody knew what there were. What I had was not the brand name Otter Pops, but like I said, you refer all frozen juice in a clear wrapper as an Otter Pops.
    Pastor Rick, they are a large part of CA living. My children, now adults still call them Otter Pops. They were raised on Otter Pops, in San Diego.

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