The Homework Thief

KT: Ohhhh…Mimi! Can I do your homework?

Mimi: OK (sneaking a glance at me)

KT: No…it’s your homework…I’ll only do one problem. 

Mimi: Do two!

Me walking in the room: KT, leave your sister alone and let her do her homework in peace.

Mimi: She wants to do my homework!

KT’s look of complete innocence  immediately told that she was up to no good.   I asked her exactly why she wanted to do her sister’s math problems.  She turned sheepish and said that they were easy and looked  like fun. 

What kind of kid wants to do math for fun?  Have I ever mentioned that Shaun has been known to read advanced math texts as before bed? 

I just don’t get it…

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