The View From My Door

birthday_fun_monday.jpgToday is the first anniversary of Fun Monday (yesterday was an even more important anniversary, but I’ll get to that another time! Hi Mom and Dad!) Vicki was the original hostess and she’s today’s hostess as well.  Apparently she had no idea that her little idea of getting everyone to post a photo of the view from their front door would take off as it has. 

In honor of that first posting, we’ve been asked to once again post the view from our front door.  Here’s mine:


The sun happens to be out and makes it really hard (In fact when I asked Shaun how to do it, he first told me that it was impossible and then started sprouted off all sorts of techinical gooblygook that just floated in one ear and out the other.)  Now I need to go out and enjoy our rare day of winter sun on the last day of a three day weekend!

Your job is to go visit everyone else’s front door view!  

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