To Outwit A Cat

I didn’t grow up with animals.  Having pets is something that my father doesn’t believe in. (As if pet ownership is part of some strange cult-ish religion to scorn) So naturally as soon as I had my own apartment I convinced my landlady and my allergic roommate  that I really, really needed a cat. 

My perception of cats was that they were either sleeping on your lap or disdainfully ignoring you.  I was completely unprepared (and simply delighted) to discover that they each have very individual personalities. (Imagine that!)  In homage to my father, we currently have a small herd a few cats that just amuse us to no end.  

A couple years ago, one of our cats, Sissy, discovered the joys of chasing around old plastic Easter eggs.  She carries them around in her mouth, bats them with her paws and generally has a wonderful time with them. This year, all of her eggs seem to have disappeared early…too early to run out and buy her another dozen.  So, she has taken matters into her own hands …er…paws.

We keep an small plastic container next to the bathroom sink for the cats to drink out of (What you think they should just drink out of the dog’s dish? You must be nuts!)  Sissy has decided that this dish is just egg-like enough that she must have it.  So we keep finding a puddle of water on the bathroom sink and floor.  The dish can be anywhere…

KT finally got tired of having her side of the sink drenched and decided to do something about it.  Armed with a thick roll of duct tape, KT made sure that the dish could no longer be upended.   Our girl was quite pleased with her handiwork…at least until we asked her how we were supposed to replenish the water dish. 

sissy foiled

The ever resourceful KT put her thinking cap back on and using a small plastic cup and yet more duct tape, devised a system to fill the water dish. 

sissy cup dangle

I don’t quite have the heart to tell her how much Sissy enjoys this new challenge of prying the cup loose and hauling it off with her. 

sissy w cup

Sigh…at least we don’t have water all over the place…

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