A day at the zoo

For today’s adventure, we decided to celebrate yet another glorious, sunny day with a trip to the zoo.  Not our normal, Woodland Park Zoo mind you.  Nope, we went to the Port Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.  (For some reason it makes me think of those old Doublemint commercials…”Two, two attractions in one”)

Amazingly, in all the years we’ve lived in the Seattle area, I’ve never been to this particular park.  It is n

We started off looking at the amazing sea creatures.  Like this lovely sea anemone.

azoo sea anenome

They had a fun sea horse exhibit.  It was designed as a fairy tale with the sea horses as the stars.  It made my heart happy.  As we were leaving the underwater exhibit, Shaun and I encountered a shark that swallowed us whole!

azoo sharkattack 

You’d think that KT would come rescue us, but noooooo…she thought it would be more entertaining to take our picture.  (Obviously she’s her father’s child.)

The next thing we came to was a flock of rabid penguins.  They were eyeing the small crowd that had come to see them.  We could tell they were just trying to decide which of us would be the most tasty. 

azoo penquinos

We nervously backed away from the  penguins only to bump into Mrs. Walrus.  We were safe from her.  She had obviously already eaten some poor hapless child and was taking a quick nap.

azoo walrus

It suddenly made a lot of sense to quietly stroll over towards the herbivores.   Sweet reindeer wouldn’t think of eating us….would they?


Just when I was finally feeling safe, Sir Henry confronted me. 


He stared me right in the eye.  I didn’t dare look away because I read somewhere that if you break eye contact with a mountain lion first it will attack you.  I wasn’t sure if that was the same case with peacocks as well, but I wasn’t taken any chances.


Fortunately, Sir Henry was feeling gracious and decided not to peck my eyes out.  We took that as a sign that it was time to leave…

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