And You Can't Make Me!

For this past week, Shaun has been feeling sicker than our dog ever thought about.  In his usual generous way, he has decided to share his icky germs with his family.  Lucky us. 

The girls and I have been getting more and more congested and generally feeling out of sorts.  KT and I have been just sucking it up.  (Give me a few more days of it though, and I’ll start whining).  On the other hand, Mimi, our little Drama Queen, has decided that she is deathly ill.

Yesterday, she dragged herself out of bed and plopped herself down in an armchair doing her best to look pathetic.  It took me at least two seconds to figure out what she was up to.  Then it took me another two seconds to decide that, despite feeling punky, my little girl was well enough and really needed to go to school. 

Now, Mimi doesn’t really understand the art of being subtle. She probably could have convinced me that she was truly ill if she had worked it a little better.  Yet she didn’t.  When she realized that just looking pathetic wasn’t going to work, she turned on the tears.  She sobbed and whined about how horrible she felt.  I have to admit that I had started to weaken, yet still held my ground.  I knew that she didn’t feel well.  Yet, I also knew that she was milking it for all she was worth. 

When Mimi saw that I still wasn’t budging, she got mad.  Being angry and upset is ok.  It’s part of life.  But acting out on it isn’t ok.  When the child that could barely lift her arm nor speak above a whisper decided to storm off towards her room screeching at the top of her lungs “I’m not going to school and you can’t make me!”, she sealed her fate.

When she came home from school, she as the happy, bubbly girl that she usually is.  We discussed how much better she felt when she was actually at school and why she couldn’t afford to miss any if she really didn’t need to.  I felt like we had come to an understanding with each other. 

so, this morning, much to my amusement, was almost an exact repeat of yesterday.  Mimi started out pathetic, went to crying and then to fury.  I think she learned a little tiny bit from her mistakes as she wasn’t quite as disrespectful as yesterday.   It might even be possible that she’ll get her phone back sometime this month…

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