Brace Face

Mimi has literally been waiting years to get braces.It didn’t matter that she had watched her big sister deal with the pain that comes with tightenings  and not being able to eat so many favorite foods for nearly three years.  In fact, if anything, that made the thought of having braces even more attractive.  As little sisters tend to do, Mimi has always wanted to be exactly like her older sister. 

Much to Mimi’s joy, the orthodontist agreed with her assessment that she was indeed a candidate for braces…only she had to wait for some baby teeth to fall out.  Little did Mimi know that those stubborn teeth had planned on staying firmly in place for a very long time.  braceface2techs

At our last visit to the dentist, she mentioned that Mimi had to be very careful to floss (we call her the Floss Nazi but that’s a different story) as she had all of her grown-up teeth now.  Mimi was in shock! She hadn’t realized that all of her baby teeth were gone. 

Before I had a chance to get my jacket off when we got home, Mimi had the phone and the number ready for me to make that orthodontist appointment.  She couldn’t wait to get braces!

As the big day got closer and closer, Mimi got more and more excited.  She started counting down the hours and consulting with her friends about what color of rubber bands she should get.  On the morning of the Big Day, she leaped out of bed and was ready to go right away. 

It wasn’t until we started walking into the office that my little girl got a little nervous.  Just a teeny tiny bit nervous.  This was after all, the day she had been waiting years for. 


Our tech got right to work in a very friendly and professional way.  Mimi made a LOT of use of what she considered to be the most important piece of equipment…the mirror.

When the braces were all in place, Mimi couldn’t WAIT to get school and show off her new look.  (Such a strange child, obviously she takes after her father.)  By the time Mimi got home, she no longer loved her braces.  Everyone had told her how amazing they looked, but…the pain had set in. 

I hated to break the news to her that it was too late to change her mind…


I don’t seem to have a photo of the finished project…but this one is much more fun!

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