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If the ways of the world were left up to me, we’d probably still be using typewriters, telephones that were hooked to the wall, cash and travel agents.  If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time,  you will know that I’m really slow to embrace technology.   (Not to say that I don’t enjoy all the benefits of the computer age…I’ve just always been a bit set in my ways) Fortunately for the world, not the mention myself, I’m not in charge of the technology growth department.  That doesn’t stop me from whining about it though. 

About a zillion years ago, I trained to be a travel agent.  I knew the three letter code for all of the world’s major cities, could find the best possible itinerary for nearly anywhere and could hand-write an airplane ticket in the blink of an eye.  Finding a cheap airline ticket in today’s world is a whole different story. 

Mimi and I are going to visit my nieces baby brother  during Spring Break.  Not having enough time to make it a road trip, we decided to fly.  (We’re clever that way) I decided that I’d better hurry and get tickets before it got too expensive with the rise in the price of gas.

I googled “cheap airline tickets”. (because I am, after all, cheap) It lead me to tickets that were so cheap I had to wonder if they were real.  I cautiously clicked on them which led me to the real tickets that were decidedly NOT cheap.  That wasn’t working out very well so I went to the  radio jingle that kept going through my head.  The rates were decent so I held my breath and clicked “purchase”.  Then waited…and waited…and waited.  For some reason it wasn’t working for me.  (Even I shouldn’t be able to mess that one up)

I’d been searching for the perfect tickets for nearly an hour (Yes, I could have asked Shaun to get them for me, but I was stubbornly determined to do it myself) when Mimi happened to notice what I was doing.  She was aghast that I was having so much trouble and informed me that she knew exactly how to get the best tickets. I just looked at her like she was nuts.  My child, who has never bought anything online in her life is telling me how to do this?  It’s a good thing that I listen to my kids because what I had forgotten was that she had spent hours planning a trip crisscrossing the country with a budget for her Social Studies class. 

Within moments of taking Mimi’s advise I had two of the cheapest, round-trip airline tickets available.  (seriously, she saved me over a hundred dollars off the price of those services!)

Maybe this new-fangled technology isn’t so bad after all…as long as I have a kid around to help me navigate it…


Bit O Life

sugar crystals

Mimi’s sugar crystal science project that she realized she forgot as soon as the bus pulled away from the bus stop.  Thank goodness for cell phones. 

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26 Responses to Buying Airline Tickets

  1. mrs darling says:

    Okay so where did she find the tickets? I need some in a few weeks.

  2. And they say the schools aren’t teaching the kids anything these days!

  3. chrisb says:

    I think we could all do with a lesson. If I could find cheap enough flights I could book more holidays!!

  4. kecia says:

    thanks for visiting my blog! i loved your story about your brother and your paper route. i remember how heavy those papers were, so to think of you trapped under them gave me a chuckle!

  5. Susan says:

    Mrs. D~Oops, she told me to go directly to the cheapest airline that the other places were offering. It seemed too easy, but it worked great!

    Jenn~See? They know something!

    Chris~Or just have more spending money for when we get there!

    Kecia~ I’m glad you nudged the memory out of me

  6. Jay says:

    It’s always good to have teenagers around so there will be somebody who can explain how to operate a cell phone, the DVD player, The DVR and the computer.

  7. tommiea says:

    Yeah for kids…..even my four year old knows how to work his Leapster better than I do!

  8. Jocelyn says:

    And in a few years, she can drive you places while you count down the minutes until “Jeopardy.”

    Have a great trip!

  9. Mrs. G. says:

    Yes, my kids are my own personal Geek Squad. Smart cookie, your girl.

  10. Tink says:

    I think kids nowadays are born with the know-how. My brother at age eight was more skilled at finding things on the net than I was. :o/

  11. Lisa's Chaos says:

    Oh yeah, gotta love technology and the kids who know how to use it. 🙂 My kids like to hear about the days I grew up in without CDs and such. Hope you guys have a great and fun trip!

  12. Karina says:

    So, what I’m hearing is that I need to hurry up and have some kids before technology gets any more advanced, or I’ll be screwed and confused! 😉

  13. Susan says:

    Jay~The one major advantage of having a teen!

    Tommiea~pretty soon he’ll be writing you little programs to do all sorts of things.

    Jocelyn~The other one’s already doing that.

    Mrs. G~Hmmm…never thought of them that way.

    Tink~I hate to admit this, but kt caught on to using a mouse quicker than I did. 😀

    Lisa~Back in the “Olden Days” was when there were dinosaurs and no computers.

    Karina~Um…that’s one way to look at it! Better get busy. LOL

  14. Marla says:

    She’ll probably never let you forget this either! LOL!

  15. my children are my techno-crutch…without them it would be some poor dude in pakistan!

  16. Cheryl says:

    It takes me forever to find the best prices. Next time I’ll have to as my daughter to do it for me. She’ll probably be just like your’s.

    BTW, loved the picture of Mrs. Walrus! Ah, what a life!

  17. Cheri says:

    Without my kids, I’d by sending this comment via smoke signal.

    Anyway, I am a first-time visitor. Love your photos too!

  18. Sam says:

    I could have done with some flight advice a few months ago, although I think that I managed ok in booking six flights for my holiday to Australia – first one is tomorrow (London to Sydney) followed by a few internal flights over the next few weeks!!!

    Anyway – fancy doing a meme? I have tagged you! Find out more at my blog!

  19. Ann says:

    I’m hoping my son will grow up and be a computer geek. To help his poor mama!! I just go on Expedia and buy what they tell me to pay. It’s very lame.

  20. Pamela says:

    because my hubby is a teacher… we get spring break too.
    I asked for vacation — and now I’m thinking we might stay home.

  21. wolfbaby says:

    LOL i so know the feeling there is more then one time that I have had to ask my niecie girl to help me with stuff…

  22. Frances says:

    I’ve never been on a plane, but I can assure you when I do go I’m getting my tickets from a travel agent.
    This way if anything goes wrong I have someone someplace to call.
    I make use of technology, but it take a while for me to get used to each new things.
    Much bloglove,

  23. tarun1026 says:

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    I apologize if posting links goes against your blogs policy but I came to this blog after searching for other reviews on cheap tickets. 🙂

  24. Janet says:

    lol i guess i’m out of luck…no kids!

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  26. I wish you nice flight 🙂

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