Happy Birthday to ME!

Once again….I’m turning a whole year older…today.   Despite  Shaun’s cynical observation that you slowly get older through the year, I know that he’s dead wrong mistaken.  It happens BANG! All at once.  (To prove it, I have found 17 brand new gray hairs this morning)

I’d tell you how old I just became…only I don’t know.  Really.   When I was a kid, I used to laugh at my mom because she couldn’t ever remember how old she was.  How could anyone not just know how old they were? Mom always said that the number kept changing and she couldn’t be bothered with remember it!

Little did I know that the same thing would happen to me.  My age doesn’t bother me like it did when I was younger.  Something happened when I turned forty (Aha! A hint!)  that number no longer bothered me. 

Sometimes, you need to know how old you are. (Although I can’t really think of when) When that happens, I simply as my girls how old I am.  They always know.  (How DO they do that?) Shaun on the other hand, will make up any random number.  I’ve learned not to trust him when I learned that I had been telling people I was three years older than I actually was!  Sigh…

At least I know when my birthday is…that hasn’t ever changed yet!

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