A Full Bucket

funmondaylogo For this week’s Fun Monday, Tiggerlane says

“Have you heard of The Bucket List? Well, that’s what I want from you! Make a list of things you want to do before you die. It must be at least five items – and you can make it as long as you desire. Photos are optional. And let’s hear about some of the wackiest, most bizarre to-do’s on your Bucket List!”

Of course, I’ve heard of the Bucket List.  I’m not a big movie buff, but I’ve been pestering Shaun to take me to this one.  For some reason, he’s been finding reasons not to take me.  (Even though it’s my birthday month and I should totally be given every single thing that my heart desires, when my heart desires it.  Not that I’m complaining or anything.)

I actually posted a list on New Year’s Day.  Apparently I need to print the list out and post it where I can actually see it as I haven’t touched it nor even looked at it in a month.  That’s me…out of sight, out of mind.  You can see the list HERE.

Because I’m a snoop, I’ve spent a little time going over different lists.  It seems to be the “thing” to do lately, so there are a lot of them out there.  What all my snooping has done, is made me realize what a wonderful life I have led.   I’ve been lucky to see and do so many things.  I have a wonderful family and friends that I treasure.  Life is good. 

If I knew that I was dying, I don’t know that I would change much.  Given enough time, I’d fit in a trip to Europe with my family.  I’d get through those stacks of old pictures and write down all of our family history.  Heck, maybe I’d even get the garage cleaned out. 

The most important thing to me, always, is my family.  Whatever I did, it would have to be with them.  Hey, we can spend quality time togethere while they clean out the garage…

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