Oddly Comforting

I’ve only admitted to a hospital once in my life.  (Nope, I didn’t bother going to a hospital to give birth to my girls…that’s for sissies!) The whole experience was pretty much a blur.  The only thing I really remember about it was a very flirtatious male nurse and a mylar balloon that Shaun had brought me. 

I’ve always thought bringing balloons to sick people was a silly thing to do.  Balloons are for parties and celebrations.  Yet that one balloon floated right up where I could see it, reminding me that I was cherished in a way that the flowers and cards couldn’t.  That balloon was oddly comforting to me.

When I spoke to my dad this afternoon, I asked him to bring my mom a balloon and let her know that I was thinking of her.  I can only hope that she will find a strange comfort in her balloon too.  Dad says that she will be in the hospital for four more days. 

She had been suffering a side effect of the bypass surgery she had done a few years ago.  She’s been to the doctors several times in the last couple years with intense abdominal pain.  It was usually written off as a bladder infection and treated with antibiotics.

Apparently, what she had was what the the surgeon referred to as an internal hernias.  Her intestines were balling up and cutting off the blood supply.  Mom was told that if she hadn’t come in when she had, her problem would most likely have been fatal.  Scary stuff…

Thank you for all of your prayers, thoughts, good-vibes, emails and phone calls.  Although I haven’t even met most of you, all the wonderful support has been oddly comforting just as that balloon was a few years back. 

Thank you again…

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