Something new and exciting!

The party post is down here, but feel free  to read about our exciting new project!

I’m very pleased to tell you about a new project that I am working on.  First of all, I should introduce you to my partner, Lissa .


OK, for the purists among you, this isn’t really Lissa.  This is my cat, Lucy.  (Isn’t she beautiful?) I don’t really have a photo of Lissa, but as their names both start with the same letter, well…I thought it maybe it would work. 

Anyways…Lissa and I “met” through the SheWhoBlogs group.  (If my sidebar were up to date, you would see the cool little thingy about it.) Lissa was looking for someone that didn’t live near her to do a semi-daily posting of things that are happening in both of our lives at the same time. 

I immediately thought it was a great idea.  I have a camera or two…Seattle is pretty far away from New York… We’ve been spending a lot of time getting to know each other and trying to decide exactly how we want to work this project. 

And the result is a blog called Two Lives

introSm (2)

Lissa gets full credit for doing all the techie work and making the blog beautiful.  I just send her a photo and she makes it work.  (She’s amazing!)

Come visit us HERE! Bookmark us and give us lots of bloggy love!

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