Sunday Morning Decadence

Every once in a while, Shaun will do something unexpectedly wonderful that reminds me why I have kept him for so long.  Something really marvelous such as getting up early to take KT all the way into Seattle for her work at the aquarium and letting me sleep in.  Ah…bliss!

When Shaun came home from his excursion, he proudly announced that he had gotten me a cinnamon roll as a treat.  Now, I’m sure you know what  cinnamon anything is right up there with chocolate and coffee in my Book of Delights.   But, to be perfectly honest, when Shaun stops for treats he goes to a local grocery store which is the one place that we know of that has crullers.  (which Shaun adores) While the crullers are perfect, the cinnamon rolls are rather mediocre. 


To my complete delight, what Shaun brought home was not a grocery store cinnamon roll.  I had no idea where this little bit of perfection had come from…it really didn’t matter.  I was too busy savoring it.  I seriously can’t recall having something this wonderful in all of my life.  It was pure decadence.

When I had completely licked my plate clean (Oh yes I did!) I realized that it did matter to me where the rolls had come from. Not wanting to simply ask Shaun where he had gotten my new favorite treat, I went snooping.  In the trash can. 


I found a box (No, I didn’t lick the inside of it!) that said COBS.  Hmm….how interesting that Shaun would stop in some uptown bakery.  Intrigued, I decided to read the box.  (Oh that delightful aroma…I swear I didn’t lick the inside of  hat box)  It turned out that Cobs is a  Canadian bakery!  Now, my sense of direction is a bit wonky, but  even I can figure out that the Canadian border isn’t on the way home from downtown Seattle!


Ah well…it’s probably best that I don’t know where that decadence came from.  Although I have to admit that I’m going to try to get Shaun to take KT to the aquarium as often as possible…

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